Schneider Electric and Alfa Laval to further collaborate on energy efficiency

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric and Alfa Laval announced this Monday they would extend their collaboration on energy efficiency and renewable energy use. Today’s announcement builds upon years of cooperation between the two companies. It will also increase their reputation as sustainable companies.

Firstly, the collaboration between the parties began back in 2019. Then, Schneider Electric committed to the design of a strategy to digitize Alfa Laval’s energy infrastructure. The intent was to capture energy consumption data across the company’s business, and identifying areas of opportunity to reduce energy usage and costs.

Consequently, this next step aims to develop a roadmap for Alfa Laval to extend its use of renewable energy. One of the strategies being the transition to natural gas and other green alternatives.

In fact, the company has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 across its entire value chain. Therefore, the augmented collaboration will try to push the company further into achieving such a goal.

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Schneider Electric to push Alfa Laval further into climate committment

Moreover, one of the strategies of the extended collab will be to use near real-time energy consumption data across sites, countries and regions to identify and define energy efficiency projects. About such matter, Mikael Tydén, Executive Vice President, Head of Operations, Alfa Laval, said. “We have joined the Exponential Roadmap Initiative to support the implementation of energy-efficient solutions.”

He also noted. “Our extended partnership agreement with Schneider Electric is another concrete activity of reaching the 1.5°C scenario set in the Paris Agreement.” Finally, the executive noted that accomplishing the carbon neutrality target will require solid efforts and enhanced collaboration with customers and suppliers.

On the other hand, Philippe Diez, Partner Sustainability Business Division Europe of Schneider Electric, said. “The time to take climate action seriously is now, particularly in light of the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report.”

Finally, he remarked. “We are honored to join forces with Alfa Laval as the company moves beyond strategy and planning – and into implementation in pursuit of carbon neutrality across the value chain.”

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