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Technology, paving the way for clean energy

Technology, paving the way for clean energy

Erco Energy is a leading Tech Energy Company in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial markets. In 2012, we set out to reinvent the way for people to move forward to the energy transition by offering clean, reliable, and affordable renewable solutions for everyone exceptional service experience.

felipe sanchez – erco energy

By Felipe Sánchez – CEO, Erco Energy

We started implementing photovoltaic solar projects and after several years we evolved including in our portfolio Energy Storage and Electric Mobility solutions. Erco Energy currently operates in the United States, Panama, and Colombia.  

We are innovative leaders in the designing and implementation of renewable projects, incorporating proprietary software and hardware to provide our customers with smart solutions, to maximize energy efficiency in their homes and businesses.

In Erco we integrate technology in all our processes, creating through our tech-brand Neu a new concept to disrupt the energy market. We developed a simple yet sophisticated solution to enable our users to monitor and control their energy consumption in as much detail as they’d like. Our smart machine-learning technology provides real- time energy consumption, customizable smart push notifications, bill disaggregation, clean energy consumption, and safe energy transactions. These solutions translate into savings 18% on average in our customers’ energy bills.

We rebuilt the entire experience to make it easier, faster, and trustworthy, taking advantage of our top-notch technology and an exceptionally talented team. We are constantly striving to achieve a cleaner energy future and to leave an enduring mark through our lifelong customers.

Erco has a ten (10) years track record of building a green future, +1,900 successfully completed projects and is empowering home and business owners to become energy-independent and save money while saving the planet. Our mission is to become one of the most trusted Energy Companies in Texas through our innovative and sustainable solutions. We are committed to advancing the implementation of clean energy systems and we will continue focusing on removing barriers to affordable and clean energy.

This is why Erco doesn ́t consider itself just another solar company, but rather an ecosystem where energy meets technology with a very clear purpose: lower electricity bills and build a more sustainable future; how? Contact us and let us show you a smarter and cleaner use of energy!

We all have a role to play in creating a healthy and sustainable planet. Change starts within each one of us, switch to green energy sources!

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