Nextracker to provide top-notch tech for 1,5GW solar projects in Indiana


Nextracker, a U.S. leader in in yield-enhancing PV system technology and solar trackers, announced this Tuesday it has been selected by Arevon Energy as a partner for a 1,5 gigawatts solar portfolio for Indiana and Nevada.

The company will provide its state-of-the-art technology in smart trackers and software control systems, the NX Horizon, and TrueCapture and NX Navigator solutions, which provide control systems for advanced monitoring, control, and asset management.

Indiana will be the first state to host such solutions in a five solar power plant portfolio; consisting of Elliot, a 200 MW solar facility; Gibson, with 280MW; Ratts 1 and Ratts 2, both with 150 MW; and Posey, with 300 MW.

On the other hand, Nevada will host two projects: a 250 MW solar project called Citadel, which will be located outside of Reno. The second project will be a 232 MW plant in Boulder City. .S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm and Rep. Susie Lee recently toured the site.

About the reasons behing Arevon’s choice, Justin Johnson Arevon’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said. “Nextracker was our first choice to help standardize construction practices across the portfolio and create efficiencies and greater cost savings. We have already seen Nextracker’s TrueCapture software boost energy gains by 2.72% at one of the solar projects we service. So, we have direct experience with this innovative solution and how it can add value to every project in the portfolio.”

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Nextracker, partner of choice for solar standarization

He also remarked. “We’re excited to partner with Nextracker and use their state-of-the-art technology in this latest portfolio of solar projects.”

On his side, Ryan Booth, Nextracker’s Vice President of Utility Sales commented. “Sophisticated asset managers and project developers like Arevon know the importance of standardizing their utility-scale solar projects with advanced data monitoring and optimization software.”

He also said. “Our partnership with Arevon highlights how the future of solar development will leverage system standardization to improve project value in an increasingly competitive sector.”

Finally, the projects intend to push both Nevada and Indiana on their renewable energy commitments. But also, to leverage the growth that both states have in terms of renewable energy. According to data from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) projects close to 5 GW of solar will be installed in Indiana over the next five years; while in Nevada around 4GW will be developed over the same period.

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