Electricity in Iowa comes 57% from renewable sources: #1 in the country

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Electricity in Iowa comes 57% from renewable energy sources, according to the new Annual report by the American Clean Power Association (ACP), released this week.

Firstly, 57,6% of all the electricity in Iowa comes from renewables; mostly wind. That percentage is far above other states; making Iowa the number one in the nation with such installed capacity.

Secondly, Kansas was the next highest state with 43.4 percent; followed by Oklahoma with 35.5 percent; then, South Dakota with 32.9 percent and, also, North Dakota with 30.8 percent.

Thirdly, the states with the least installed capacity for renewables were Illinois at 9.9 percent; then, Missouri with 4.8 percent and, finally, Wisconsin with 3.1 percent.

Moreover, according to the report, Iowa is one of 10 states to have more than one-fifth of electricity come from wind turbines. All this growth, on the other hand, happened during last year.

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Clean electricity market in Iowa to attract investors

In fact, the added 1,217 megawatts of “clean power capacity” in 2020; which is the fourth-most behind Texas, California and Florida. Also, Iowa’s growing renewable energy sector employed 5,210 workers; also, has received almost $21 billion in investments, according to the Clean Power Annual.

Some of the company driving this growth are Alliant Energy; which opened six of its 10 wind farms operating in Iowa in 2019 or 2020; according to its website, and has increased its renewable energy use from 9.9 percent in 2018 to 43.8 percent in 2020.

Furthermore, MidAmerican Energy has 35 wind farms operating in the state; and 83.6 percent of its electricity in 2020 came from renewable sources.

On the other hand, Doug Neumann, executive director of the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, said the state’s push toward renewable energy “will bring huge benefits”; and will also attract businesses and new companies.

Finally, he remarked. “More and more companies are also looking to locate in communities where they can meet their renewable energy commitments; and Iowa communities are attracting business for that very reason.”

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