Panasonic expands it solar energy solutions to new markets in key states

Panasonic solar installers

Panasonic, particularly its North American division, headquartered in New Jersey, announced today that it has expanded its solar energy solutions to new markets in two key states; Washington and Dallas.

Firstly, this Tuesday the company announced the promotion of one new Premium and two new Elite level installers; which will provide more homeowners across the country with immediate access to the Panasonic solar energy solutions portfolio.

Secondly, the elite installers are the Solar SME Inc, launched for market in Dallas Texas; and Western Solar Inc., launched for the market of Bellingham, Washington. The Premium Installer was the company Northwest Renewables, launched for the market in Spokane, Washington.

Thirdly, the companies will now be part of Panasonic’s top-notch Residential Installer Program; as companies, Solar SME and Western Solar will have exclusive access to technology and new solar energy solutions. Consequently, customers will also be able to access new technologies, products and competitive pricing.

Moreover, homeowners in Spokane will now benefit from Northwest Renewables’ promotion to the Premium tier of the program. As a company, Northwest Renewables will now have access to qualified sales leads; also, a library of cooperative marketing assets, training programs; as well as to a robust installer portal that is available only to members of the Residential Installer Program.

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Panasonic to offer homeowners new solar energy solutions through program

In addition, the Panasonic Solar Residential Installer Program was born in 2016; it provides exclusive benefits and business opportunities to tiers of installers; who meet certain qualifications.

Also, as business-supporting perks, members of these tiers are able to pass on to consumers the benefits they receive; such as special pricing and preferred access to in-demand and new solar energy solutions.

Furthermore, in regards to the expansion of tiers, David Lopez, National Sales Manager at Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America, said. “By expanding our Elite and Premium Installer network in three markets; we are providing more homeowners with quality solar and storage solutions to meet their energy needs.”

On the other hand, Yessica Castillo, National Marketing Manager, commented. “Consumers are seeking and adopting solar energy at an unprecedented pace.” She finally highlighted. “We look forward to working with our newest Premium and Elite installers; to bring solar energy solutions to homeowners across the country.”

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