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GM names eTransEnergy as a preferred provider for its fleet electrification


Today, General Motors (GM) announced it named eTransEnergy, a Duke Energy’s wholly-owned subsidiary, as a preferred provider. Accordingly, Duke Energy’s subsidiary will help GM fleet and BrightDrop customers transition to electric vehicles (EV). This, particularly through the GM Ultium Charge 360 service.

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About eTransEnergy

Indeed, Duke Energy introduced eTransEnergy in February 2021 as a wholly-owned subsidiary that will offer energy transportation services. Accordingly, the subsidiary focuses on providing logistics services to last-mile delivery companies, school districts, and transit agencies.

In this sense, customers who choose eTransEnergy will benefit from comprehensive infrastructure planning. Also, from its smart charging technology, on-site solar energy generation, battery backup options, and other aspects of EV (electric vehicle) fleet management.

According to a Duke Energy’s media release, in addition to helping to reduce carbon emissions, EVs are quiet. Besides, they offer outstanding performance and have low operating costs. Therefore, eTransEnergy can give customers one comprehensive source for transitioning their fleets to EVs from start to finish

In this regard, said Greg Fields, eTransEnergy vice president said; “We are so pleased eTransEnergy was named by GM as a preferred provider for the electrification of its fleet. In fact, this speaks to the strength of our program and the value of our service as a realistic solution for customers seeking to transform their fleets.”

Reception at GM and outlook

Similarly, Alex Keros, lead architect, EV infrastructure, General Motors, commented; “GM’s Ultium Charge 360 service and our work with eTransEnergy will help ensure that fleets can customize their electrification plans.”

Therefore, “GM and eTransEnergy will work to provide a curated approach to charging solutions that will help accelerate EV adoption for an all-electric future,” added Keros.  

Lastly, “fleet electrification is an incredible way for fleet operators of all sizes to reduce their carbon emissions. Besides, we look forward to helping organizations across the nation realize this and the many other benefits of fleet electrification,” said Fields.

Worth noting, Duke Energy said that with eTransEnergy services available across North America, it would work with local utilities to support updates to the energy grid and other infrastructure.

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