Detroit Diesel makes high-impact clean energy commitment

Detroit diesel

Detroit Energy, the heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturer, announced this Wednesday a new clean energy commitment that will have a substantial impact in the trucking industry, as well as in Michigan, as it was backed by a renewable energy program by DTE Energy.

Firstly, Detroit Diesel enrolled in DTE’s MIGreenPower program; which allows DTE Electric customers to attribute a percentage of their electricity use to DTE’s wind and solar projects.

Secondly, Detroit Diesel’s commitment was, particularly, to support 100,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy annually in 2028; consequently, the company will help offset greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 15,412 passenger vehicles driven for one year.

Thirdly, after the announcement, Detroit Diesel will join more than 350 Michigan businesses who are currently using the MIGreenProgram; the impact that the commitment will have on the environment will be substantial, and will also support the development of Michigan-made renewable energy.

Moreover, according to the statement, other prominent subscribers to the program are General Motors, Ford Motor Company; also, Bedrock, the University of Michigan and the Detroit Zoo. The State of Michigan also recently announced that it will enroll eligible state buildings in the program.

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Detroit Diesel to advance Daimler Trucks sustainability goals

In addition, Matthew Pfaffenbach, head of operations, Detroit Diesel, said. “For over 83 years, Detroit Diesel has been a premier industry leader in the Heavy-Duty Truck Market in North America.”

He also remarked. “Our clean energy commitment through MIGreenPower aligns with the Daimler Trucks North America plan; to make its Truck Manufacturing Plants carbon neutral by 2025; and also offer exclusively carbon neutral trucks and buses by 2039.”

On the other hand, Brian Calka, director, Renewable Solutions for DTE Energy, said. “Detroit Diesel is one of Southeast Michigan’s top original equipment suppliers; we appreciate the opportunity to help them decarbonize their operations by enrolling in MIGreenPower.”

Finally, the program launched in 2017; now, it is among the top three voluntary renewable energy programs in the U.S. Customers who enroll in the program are accelerating the development of Michigan-made wind and solar energy.

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