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Zume and Jefferson Enterprise Energy partner to develop World’s 1st Sustainable Manufacturing and Molded Fiber Production Facility


On Thursday, Jefferson Enterprise Energy and Zume announced a joint venture to create one of the World’s first entirely renewable energy-powered molded fiber manufacturing facilities. Accordingly, this facility will produce compostable molded fiber products through renewable power sources.

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Indeed, the Jefferson Enterprise Energy manufacturing facility will rely on Zume’s patented molded fiber manufacturing equipment, technology, and professional services.

About the partnership between Zume and Jefferson Enterprise Energy

As both companies acknowledge, their partnership comes at a critical time. Particularly, considering sustainable packaging is a $320 billion a year business. Moreover, until now, there has been no economically viable solution to move away from single-use plastic.

Therefore, through Zume’s patented molded fiber manufacturing equipment system and technology, global food brands can transition from plastic packaging to sustainable solutions. Besides, they can do it without significant disruption to their manufacturing processes.

In this regard, Al Salazar, Founder and CEO, Jefferson Enterprise Energy, said in a statement. “Jefferson Enterprise Energy is committed to being a global leader in the mass production of recyclable and compostable molded-fiber sustainable solutions. Particularly, by creating one of the World’s first entirely renewable energy and sustainable products supply-chain manufacturing operations.”

Thus, “our partnership and reliance on Zume’s sustainable solution product manufacturing technology and expertise empower us to move forward with confidence. Mainly as we help lead the way toward replacing plastics and styrofoam with superior and affordable molded-fiber products.”

A sustainable packaging?

Worth noting, Jefferson’s new sustainable solutions manufacturing facility is being financed and built-in Lufkin, Texas. Consequently, this facility will source its operating energy from the company’s nearby biomass energy plant.

Indeed, the Company will source raw materials for the new facility from unused farming by-products. As a result, the firm will create an entirely closed-loop system where the food makes the energy to power the facility. Besides, it will provide the input materials for the compostable packaging itself, and then after use, to help grow more food.

Accordingly, Alex Garden, Chairman, and CEO, Zume, said; “Soon, the world will look to Lufkin, Texas as a center-point for the future of 100% renewable energy powered mass production of sustainable containers and products that will ultimately replace plastics and styrofoam.”

Moreover, “at Zume, we can deploy our manufacturing machinery and technology very efficiently; thus, helping to ensure that the molded-fiber products manufactured by Jefferson Enterprise Energy are high-quality, very efficient and economically viable.”

Finally, separate from its global manufacturing partnerships, Zume also manufactures its sustainable solutions containers at its facility in Camarillo, California. Currently, Zume is available in 20 countries through its premier food brands, brokers, and distributors.

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