Bechtel secures FEED contract with Nacero for 1st natgas to gasoline facility


Bechtel has secured a contract with Nacero for the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) contract for the first natural gas to gasoline manufacturing facility in the United States; the companies announced this week.

Firstly, the project is located in Penwell Texas; near Odessa, at the very heart of the Permian Basin. It will be the first gasoline manufacturing plant that will incorporate carbon capture, sequestration and 100% renewable power for its operations.

Secondly, the natural gas will be used to mitigate flaring, consequently, it will make possible for the project to reduce the lifecycle footprint of Nacero’s zero sulfur gasoline solution. The reduction would reach to net-zero overtime, according to the statement.

Thirdly, Bechtel, when completes the FEED study, will deliver a lump sum, turnkey EPC price proposal. In addition, it will bring a wide range of sustainable design practices and execution tools, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the project during its construction phase.

Moreover, such strategy would also help to decarbonize the supply chain of the facility, once its completed. Bechtel and Nacero have indeed shared commitment to best in class environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

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Bechtel to bring ESG best practices to Penwell project

In addition, after all these developments, the Penwell project will be one of the firsts energy transition infrastructure opportunities in the United States. As it is, the project is expected to generate over 3,500 construction jobs, over the first four years of its construction phase.

Furthermore, the second construction phase will take additional two years; however, it will bring the total capacity of the plant to 115,000 barrels per day. When its fully operational, the facility will employ 350 permanent job positions.

On the other hand, Paul Marsden, President, Bechtel Energy, said. “This project is truly a game-changer. It will give every day American drivers a chance to participate in the energy transition; and will also be a model for the kind of environmental improvement America is looking to bring about.”

Finally, Jay McKenna, Nacero’s President and CEO, remarked. “For America to achieve its domestic energy and climate change mitigation goals we need big vision; and also, laser-focused execution. Bechtel is center stage in helping us get there.”

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