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Low-Cost Ethanol Fuel for Engines with ClearFlame – Alto Partnership


Development of clean engine technology start-up ClearFlame Engine Technologies today announced a partnership with Alto Ingredients, Inc., to conduct pilot demonstrations of its low-cost ethanol solution for diesel engines in Class VII trucks.

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About the ClearFlame – Alto partnership

In fact, ClearFlame’s 500hp heavy-duty demonstration engine can match diesel torque and efficiency. Particularly, the company will provide Alto, a leading producer of specialty alcohols and essential ingredients, with a Class VII truck retrofitted with this engine.  

In turn, Alto will provide fuel and fleet support, which will enable real-world testing on the road. Accordingly, ClearFlame anticipates its engine running on ethanol can reduce GHG vehicle emissions by more than 45 percent. Besides, the company hopes its solution can offer an estimated 15-30 percent TCO savings when compared with a diesel-fueled solution.

ClearFlame-enabled trucks will begin driving in late 2021 for fleet testing to start in the first quarter of 2022.

“This is an important milestone for us as we can now offer fleets a widely available fuel solution so they can begin to test our technology easily in real-world environments,” said Dr. BJ Johnson, ClearFlame CEO and co-founder.

In fact, “Alto provides the important logistical infrastructure critical to ensuring successful demonstration. For instance, everything from tank installation to dispensing of the fuel, with a well-established existing liquid fueling infrastructure already in place. Thus, we look forward to working with them to drive forward our mission of quickly decarbonizing heavy-duty industry with a practical, cost-effective solution that is available today.”

Reception and potentialities

Similarly, Mike Kandris, CEO, Alto Ingredients, commented, “Alto Ingredients is partnering with ClearFlame on its engine project to support our customers’ CO2 reduction efforts by displacing 100 percent of the diesel in the tank.”

Therefore, “we are proud to partner with ClearFlame in such a transformative project within the fuel industry,” added Kandris. Notably, by “promoting the increased use of ethanol and contributing to material improvements in the decarbonization of our environment.”

ClearFlame’s engine technology enables low-carbon and carbon-negative fuels to be integrated into existing diesel engine platforms. Moreover, it provides the same performance, efficiency, and rugged practicality associated with diesel engines. All of this, while eliminating the need for complex after-treatment solutions.

By replacing 100 percent of the petroleum fuel used with decarbonized fuels such as ethanol; downstream companies can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particulate matter, and smog. Thus, they can help meet stringent emissions regulations while reducing overall engine costs.

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