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Hyperion to lead Scoping Study for Titan project and titanium production

Hyperion Metals

Hyperion Metals Limited, developer of zero carbon, sustainable, critical material supply chains, announced this Sunday it has engaged in a Scoping Study on the Titan project; which covers a 4000 acres area in Tennessee, rich of titanium and rare earth minerals; which are increasingly demanded from the aerospace, ev’s and renewables industries.

Firstly, Hyperion partnered with the engineering firm Hatch to lead the design and project management of the Scoping Study. Hatch is a top-tier engineering firm with extensive experience in developing heavy mineral sand projects around the world for major mining companies.

Secondly, the Scoping Study will focus on the development of mining and processing facilities for the production, separation and processing of rare earth minerals; including titanium. The Scoping Study will be led by John Elder, Hatch’s USA Mining and Metals Director; who has 30 years’ experience in heavy mineral sand developments and also operations.

Thirdly, Hatch has in fact led several successful feasibility studies and project developments in the southeastern U.S, recently. It was involved in the development of Piedmont Lithium Ltd, in North Carolina, which has also emerged as a $1 billion market cap lithium developer.

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Hatch & Hyperion to lead the study; complete by 3Q 2021

Consequently, the experience of Hatch will be invaluable for the Titan project, for Hyperion, and for the success in the creation of a solid supply of rare earth elements. In fact, the commencement of the study by Hatch and Hyperion is already a milestone; key for the development of one of the most important critical mineral rich provinces in the U.S.

Moreover, the study will outline material physical and economic metrics as well as major development timelines. According to the companies’ statement, the study would be complete by the end of 3Q, 2021.

On the other hand, Anastasios Arima, Managing Director of Hyperion, said. “Our project is critical to the U.S. requirement for sustainable; also, domestically sourced critical minerals for advanced U.S. industries; such as aerospace, EV’s, defense and renewables.”

Finally, he remarked. “We are very pleased to announce the commencement of the Scoping Study; to be led by Hatch, a globally recognized engineering, consulting, and design firm. It is also a pleasure to engage such a reputable and experienced group to assist our team in progressing development of the world class Titan Project.”

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