Fuel scarcity will end by the weekend: Granholm

fuel gas stations will change E15 labels for biofuels

Fuel scarcity that has hit the U.S. East and South coasts should ease in a few days, said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, after she announced that the Colonial Pipeline was going back online.

Firstly, as we reported previously, yesterday, Wednesday May 13, Granholm announced via Twitter that the biggest U.S. pipeline was resuming its midstream activities; after being shut due to a cyberattack to Colonial Pipeline Company’s network computers.

Secondly, the cyberattack happened last Friday. According to the FBI a hacker group called DarkSide was responsible for the hack and ransom request. In fear the attack would spread to Colonial’s industrial computers network, they shut the line.

Thirdly, this provoked a serious fuel and petroleum goods crisis, at least in 12 states of the Eastern and Southern coasts. As the pipeline supplies almost 45% of the East Coast’s fuel. From Virginia to Louisiana filling stations, pumps and convenience stores were turning away customers; as they were running dry of gasoline and diesel.

Moreover, White House even relaxed some environmental rules; in order to allow gasoline to flow from other parts of the country and face the crisis. However, a fuel distributor from the Washington D.C. area warned about “catastrophic shortages.”

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Fuel scarcity was a concern, as U.S. goes back to mobility

On the other hand, gasoline retail prices rose to their highest since 2014; they even reached $3 a gallon.

Nevertheless, on social media as well as on TV interviews Granholm said the shortages were temporary; and that most areas, even those with the most severe shortages, will be back to normal in a couple of days.

Furthermore, she reported via Twitter that the Colonial Pipeline restart went well for the whole night. She expects that, by the end of the weekend, fuel shortages have ended and things are going to be back to normal.

Finally, fuel shortages were a concern, especially when most of the U.S. is returning to mobility after the pandemic.

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