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Fly Ash agreement will benefit the Texas construction and oil and gas markets

Fly Ash

A Fly Ash agreement will benefit the Texas construction and oil and gas markets, CR Minerals and OG&E companies announced this Thursday. Both companies agreed on the use of this product to expand and strengthen these markets.

Firstly, fly ash, also known as pulverized fuel ash, is a subproduct of combustion in electricity boilers. It is composed mainly of tiny particles of burned fuel; they mainly drive in coal-fired boilers from where its captured and then turned into a cementitious material.

Secondly, under the agreement, CR Minerals will use the fly ash produced at the OG&E’s River Valley power plant in Spiro, Oklahoma. OG&E, is the electric utility subsidiary of OGE Energy Corp.

Thirdly, CR Minerals plans to use the Fly Ash in their patented Tephra® RFA (Remediated Fly Ash) product. According to the statement, the material will be manufactured at a new facility to be constructed in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

However, financial details of this new facility of CR Minerals were not disclosed; the company intends to expand its business model, particularly for the Texas and Oklahoma markets.

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Fly Ash reuse will also lower the companies’ environmental footprint

Moreover, CR Minerals is a global leader in pumice products and is a manufacturer of pozzolanic materials; which is another name for remediated fly ashes; these products have a huge demand in the construction and oil and gas industries.

Consequently, the agreement won’t just expand this solution across these markets, but will also position the company as a leader in the remediated fly ashes market. Jeffrey Whidden, President of CR Minerals, said. “We are very excited about working with OG&E.”

 He also remarked. “Repurposing this product into a commercial product enables our company to better serve the Texas and Oklahoma marketplace. The Dallas-Fort Worth area particularly has experienced a lack in the availability of stable, high-quality fly ash for the construction industry.”

Furthermore, he underlined. “Our goal is to expand our business model; and also to bring our patented Tephra RFA product to this market and others that require supplementary cementitious materials.”

Finally, Cristina McQuistion, OGE Energy Corp VP of Corporate Responsibility, said. “hrough this agreement, OG&E continues its commitment to environmental stewardship. This valuable reuse of fly ash benefits the construction industry; and also our regional economy while reducing OGE’s environmental footprint.”

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