Array Technologies secures contract for 4GW of solar trackers

Array Technologies solar tracker

Array Technologies, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar components, announced last Monday it secured a contract to sell up to 4 gigawatts of solar trackers to Primoris Services Corporation.

Firstly, Primoris Services Corporation is a leading provider of specialty contracting services for renewable energy projects. The contract includes its subsidiary Primoris Renewable Energy, one of the top solar contractors in the U.S.

Secondly, the contract with Array Technologies includes the purchase of 2,5 GW of Array’s DuraTrack HX v3, a single axis solar tracker thar are scheduled to be used in more than 10 solar projects in North America.

Thirdly, after the initial purchase, 1,5 GW of further DuraTracks are projected in the contract. According to the company’s statement, shipments of the trackers will begin in June, 2021. These projects will contribute to the expansion and adoption of solar energy and sustainability efforts.

In addition, Primoris provides a wide range of specialty construction services; from fabrication, maintenance, and also engineering services to the utilities, energy/renewables and pipeline services markets. Consequently, the purchase of Array’s solutions will broaden its portfolio to new heights.

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Array Technologies

Array Technologies and Primoris further strengthen their business agreements

Moreover, Stephen Jones, President of Primoris Renewable Energy, said. “Array’s DuraTrack HZ v3 is the tracker of choice for our solar portfolio; it provides reliable performance, installs easily, and delivers the lowest cost of energy for our customers.”

He also said. “Our experience with Array Technologies’ performance is exceptional when it comes to delivering on-time; in sequence and with pre-kitted components that saves time on installation. This promotes efficiency and a high-quality product that Primoris Renewable Energy can count on; not only during construction but for the project.”

Finally, Jeff Krantz, Chief Commercial Officer of Array Technologies, commented. “This agreement builds on the 2GWs that Primoris Renewable Energy has already purchased from Array; it underscores the edge our system provides in installation efficiency over our competitors.”

In conclusion, he said. “Through innovations, including single-bolt module clamps and the toolless assembly of certain components; we are helping our EPC customers reduce their labor costs and complete record-breaking projects on time and under budget.”

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