TotalEnergies Unveils Belgium’s Largest Battery Storage Project

TotalEnergies Belgium's Largest Battery Storage Project Energy
A Groundbreaking Initiative

TotalEnergies has revealed an ambitious initiative – the launch of Belgium’s largest battery energy storage project. This milestone project aims to revolutionize energy storage and management, bridging the gap between renewable energy production and consumption.

The Power of Storage

Firstly, the project is set to have a power rating of 25MW and a capacity of 75 megawatt-hours. To put it into perspective, this equates to the everyday power consumption of 10,000 households. Secondly, this vast capacity will serve as a buffer for the intermittent nature of renewable energies, promoting their continued development and integration into the energy grid​.

Effective Grid Balancing

Batteries are emerging as an effective solution to the growing need for grid balancing. They can be deployed quickly, have a limited footprint, and possess high reactivity. Likewise, these features make them an ideal tool for meeting the new challenges facing power grids today​.

Smooth Power Fluctuations

The project will come online by the end of next year and will employ 40 Intensium Max High Energy lithium-ion containers supplied by Saft, a TotalEnergies battery subsidiary. This innovative storage system will smoothen power fluctuations in the national grid, ensuring its security and enabling more renewable electricity to be integrated into it​.

Meeting Network Needs

Moreover, the facility will also cater to the needs of the European and Belgian high-voltage transmission network, further strengthening the infrastructure and contributing to a more stable and reliable energy supply.

Toward a Sustainable Future

Moreover, Olivier Jouny, TotalEnergies’ Integrated Power Senior Vice-President, expressed that this first-of-its-kind storage project in Belgium aligns with TotalEnergies’ multi-energy strategy. The company aims to deploy storage solutions, notably in countries where they are actively developing renewable energies. Additionally, by supporting the growth of renewable energy production, TotalEnergies is aiding the shift in the European energy mix toward a more sustainable future​.

In conclusion, TotalEnergies’ groundbreaking battery energy storage project is a testament to the power and potential of renewable energy. It’s not only paving the way for a sustainable future. It is also solidifying Belgium’s position as a front-runner in the energy transition.

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