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BP partners with Aria Energy for methane capture and RNG production

methane capture BP Aria

BP, oil super major, and Aria Energy have teamed up for a project of methane capture and renewable natural gas (RNG) production, in three sites of California, the company announced last week.

Firstly, the partnership with Aria Energy contemplates methane capture from waste, at three dairy farms in California. Then, the RNG will be supplied to the U.S. transportation sector. The whole project is called RNG Moovers.

Secondly, the partnership intends to capture emissions from agriculture, as it is one of the main polluting sectors in the U.S. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this sector represents 10% of all U.S. GHG emissions.

Thirdly, the methane capture process will take place through the installation of digesters; which are closed systems that break down the biodegradable material; one of the subproducts of this process is precisely bio gas, with high amounts of methane, then the gas will be processed into RNG.

In addition, the digesters will be installed in the farms, which are at three locations on California’s Central Valley. The installments will allow decomposition of the materials at a closed and controlled environment, rather than out in the open, releasing methane into the atmosphere.

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bp methane capture

Methane capture at synergy with RNG production to lower emissions

Moreover, the renewable natural gas (RNG) production will meet the growing demand for this fuel. In fact, RNG-fueled vehicles will have 95 percent lower emissions than those fueled by gasoline or diesel on a lifecycle basis; according to a study released by the Department of Energy.

Consequently, the RNG Moovers project will combine the expertise of Aria Energy, in the methane capture field; and the refining of it to remove contaminants and increasing its heat content, resulting in RNG.

Also, the expertise of Aligned Digesters, with the construction, and installation of the digesters; as well as BP’s with the delivery of RNG to the transportation sector, through a 20-year offtake agreement executed by its low carbon trading business.

On the other hand, Richard DiGia, CEO of Aria Energy, said. “Our company is committed to converting low carbon fuel sources into clean, useful energy for vehicles, homes and businesses. These projects would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of partners like bp.”

Finally, Sean Reavis, BP’s senior VP of Low Carbon and Trading, stated. “RNG can play an important role in decarbonizing the transportation sector and helping bp and the world get to net zero emissions.”

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