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White Pine Renewables completes largest floating solar project in the U.S.

White Pine floating solar

White Pine Renewables, a California-based energy company, announced this Wednesday the completion of the Healdsburg Floating Solar Project; which will deliver clean energy to the city of Healdsburg, California, for 25 years.

Firstly, the project will operate under a power purchase agreement for the state. It has a 4,78 megawatts capacity; therefore, it stands as the largest floating solar asset in the U.S. to date. Under the PPA, the project will cover 8% of the state’s total energy demand.

Secondly, it is a key development in the city’s plan to reach 60% renewable energy power before 2030.

Thirdly, as said above, the asset is a floating solar development, which means the solar panels float on the waters operated by the city; specifically, on the ponds surrounding the vineyards of the city.

In addition, the solar panels will reduce evaporation and algae growth on the ponds, which benefits the surrounding vineyard that rely on the ponds’ water for irrigation.

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White Pine partnered with Noria Energy and Collins Electrical

Moreover, the complex was developed mainly by White Pine Renewables; however, Noria Energy co-developed it; while Collins Electrical Company, a California-based construction contractor, provided installation services.

Terry Crowley, Utility Director for the City of Healdsburg, said the project was “a cornerstone of the City’s long-term plan to save money on energy costs; and also, to provide City electric customers with 60% renewable energy.”

Crowley added that he “greatly appreciated the collaborative partnership between White Pine, Noria, and Collins Electrical to deliver the project safely, efficiently and in an extremely short period of time.”

On the other hand, White Pine CEO, Evan Riley, said. “This project exemplifies what differentiates White Pine. We combined innovative technology and an efficient capital structure to provide long-term savings to the City of Healdsburg.”

Finally, Noria’s CEO, Jon Wank, stated. “the Noria-White Pine partnership leveraged Noria’s experience in floating solar technology; while White Pine’s development experience to create a project that delivers low-cost renewable energy; while also creating environmental benefits.”

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