FlexGen and CATL team to expand energy storage solutions in Texas

FlexGen energy storage Texas

FlexGen, one of Texas top energy storage providers, has teamed up with Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) to expand energy storage solutions for Texas. In particular, for the development and manufacturing of 110 megawatt-hour battery projects.

The company announced this Tuesday the teaming up with CATL for the development of two projects, that would be aimed to Texas’ Hill Country.

As said above, projects contemplate 110 MWh lithium-ion-based batteries for electric vehicles and storage systems. When deployed, the energy storage systems will also serve as dispatchable assets for a leading independent power producer.

FlexGen is the second largest company in the U.S. to provide for energy storage solutions and services; is the number one in Texas, with an 80% share in its market.

CATL, on the other hand, is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of lithium-ion-based batteries, especially for the electric vehicles market. Headquartered in China, they have expanded and delivered their solutions for Germany and the U.S. markets.

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FlexGen, top provider in Texas

“We are pleased to expand our relationship with CATL on the installation of these two 110 MWh battery storage projects,” said Alan Grosse, FlexGen COO, in the company’s statement.

“CATL’s technical and commercial teams have been good partners, and we look forward to working together to serve more Texans and their families,” he added.

For Tiger Li, head of America and Europe energy storage system business at CATL; “FlexGen continues its leadership in the Texas energy storage market with its integration services and HybridOS energy management system.”

Li added that the projects will integrate an Outdoor Liquid Cooling rack, “which is a convenient ESS solution for integrators and investors.”

“To date, FlexGen’s HybridOS energy management system platform controls more than 260 MW and 171MWh of energy storage projects in commercial operation, with more than 202,000 hours of run time,” FlexGen statement concludes.

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