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Digital Twins and investments for the future – Emerson


Digital Twins are the future scenario for the energy infrastructure. According to industry experts, those platforms better understand what happens in an installation through virtual reality tools. In the long run, there are many advantages related to these kinds of investments.

Digital Twins

At the “Emerson Exchange Virtual Series” event, Emerson representatives talked about the background, advantages, applications, and forecasts regarding the industry’s digital twins.

Digital twins are platforms that transform physical infrastructure into digital through virtual reality tools.

According to Emerson experts, the reasons behind these platforms’ necessity are investment maximization, the digital transformation of the operative performance, automation, and process engineering, among other aspects.

Also, participants at the event highlighted that digital twins provide a better idea about the interaction between companies and their production units.

In that sense, users could acquire a better and more in-depth understanding of what is going on in their companies physically through these platforms.

Regarding the digital twins’ applications, participants mentioned that in energy capital projects, those platforms have increasing importance through all the phases: development (studies, permits, financing), execution (engineering, procurement, construction), and asset operation (production).

That is why those digital infrastructure platforms allow companies to identify vulnerabilities through all the asset lifecycle. In that way, users can prevent future problems.

Also, in Emerson’s participants’ opinion, those advantages allow a faster return on investment (ROI). According to experts, process modeling with mimic tools let users save considerable amounts of money annually.

Covid-19 and digital infrastructure

Participants also observed that, given the current Covid-19 pandemic conjuncture, the digital twins constitute a reliable, safe, and effective alternative for remote supervision of physical assets.

“Now we’re more virtual,” said the panelists, and that is why the trend would probably keep going towards a more robust digital infrastructure for virtual reality.

For these reasons, Emerson has specialized in offering digital architecture solutions to its clients. Through Emerson Digital Twin Architecture, the company provides digital options to instructors, engineers, land operators, and panel operators.

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With cloud hosting technologies, Emerson offers the following solutions in digital mimic infrastructure: aspentech, Mimic, Deltav, HMI, Control Modules, IO Registers, among others.

The event’s participants said mimic technology integrates into digital model processing, applying virtual reality elements. In that sense, the final user acquires useful services through high technology solutions.  

Besides, participants agreed that digital twins should be a strategic component of any future energy capital project.

Finally, at the event, experts recognized that, given the increasing market uncertainty and competitivity, digital twins provide an advantage. This technology maximizes systems’ and operators’ efficiency and safety, participants concluded.

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