Nano Diamond Battery, NDB, received a government award


Firstly, using alternate energy sources resulted from the dramatic decline in environmental well-being; including the use of nano diamond battery.

Secondly, climate change caught the attention of governments and international organizations.

Thirdly, NDB, solves many concerns about conventional energy sources, including some renewable energy sources.

Nano Diamond Battery

NDB’s proprietary, the universal, self-charging battery provides a charge for the lifetime of a device or machine; about 28,000 years.

By providing an alternative to the existing technologies, NDB will ultimately disrupt the status quo. Users are forced to choose between becoming clean or compromising on the convenience that the application may provide.

Dr. Nima Golsharifi, CEO of NDB

Energy and mining

Congratulations to NDB. As a bit of insight, judges said how much they love the vision of this submission. And it’s not just an opportunity for research and development, but it is innovative; it’s a disruptive energy solution representing a high-value-added product.

Alex Blood, Executive Director of Mineral Resources Department for Energy and Mining.

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The Department for Energy and Mining leads the global transformation economy; overseeing the responsible mining and production of the future’s minerals, metals, and fuels to safely and sustainably generate the future’s energy and low carbon products.

We are most grateful to Thinking Critical for recognizing the promise of our technology to be an essential part of the worldwide effort toward Net Zero. The team at NDB has worked hard to develop novel designs, and we very much look forward to fulfilling the confidence and promise that the South Australian government has awarded us.

According to Prof. Sir Michael Pepper, CTO of NDB.

Alternative energy with battery

NDB will recycle the nuclear waste that produces a high level of energetic particles as a source of alternative energy. This approach allows energy efficiency and responsible energy production and consumption, accelerating energy capacity production and development.

The availability of critical minerals in Australia makes it attractive for NDB to establish its facilities in the long-term perspective.

Australia represents an enormous possibility to lower manufacturing costs by gaining access to a diverse variety of raw materials. Additionally, entering a new market provides an excellent opportunity to attract investors and partners from other parts of the world.

Mr. Giorgi Gogokhia, the COO at NDB.

About NDB, Inc.

About NDB, Inc.

NDB, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based nanotechnology company; established to develop and manufacture semiconductors, energy, and battery solutions.

The company. is developing a self-charging nano diamond battery (NDB). It is an innovative energy generator and storage that redefines and revolutionizes the battery as we know it.

This type of solutions made from radioisotopes, represent an alternative source of energy for several fields. 

It develops and manufacture innovative clean and green energy solutions for the future by recycling thousands of tonnes worth of nuclear wastes globally.

Finally NDB adapts its innovations and technology according to the market’s needs.

Read more about NDB, here.

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