Aradatum and CGE Energy complete 1/16th scale tower demonstrators with Roush


Aradatum and CGE Energy, Inc. announced the completion of the manufacturing of a 1/16th scale working demonstration unit of their self-powered macro cell tower. CGE Energy reports that Roush of Livonia, Michigan provided turn-key product development. With the demonstrators, Aradatum can visually demonstrate their towers at tradeshows and at sale presentations.

“We are pleased to announce that Roush completed the assembly of the first demonstration unit on schedule,” said Bryan Zaplitny, President/CEO of CGE Energy and CEO/Chairman of Aradatum, “It has been great to work so collaboratively with Roush where we gathered first-hand evidence of how their manufacturing approach will be scaled up to the commercial manufacturing of our full-scale towers.”

Aradatum and next-generation wireless towers

Aradatum’s tower is the world’s first truly self-powered macro cell tower that can be placed anywhere for 5G. In addition, it opens the possibility to deliver uninterrupted service and secure communication precisely where the client needs it due to its stand-alone infrastructure solution.

Furthermore, it source of power is clean, renewable energy. It utilizes solar and wind power that is then storage on a battery providing consistent supply of DC power. Also, the tower has the preparation to face any weather keeping crucial communications for edge computing and private networks up and running no matter what the forecast is.

Tower demonstration unit

The 1/16th  scale tower demonstration unit is the first one to travel domestically and internationally. Additionally, it is the first of four demonstrators that Roush is building. The company will assemble the remaining three within the following months.

This demonstrator will help demonstrate Aradatum’s revolutionary self-powered cell tower technology. Likewise, it represents another step towards bringing to market telecommunications tower infrastructure; which solves the geographic, power, and resiliency issues limiting where towers can go.

In addition, with the nearly 12-foot tall tower demonstration unit, CGE Energy and Aradatum are able to visually demonstrate the innovative installation process. This process does not require cranes and vertical axis blades that hydraulically open and close. The demonstration unit has a design to simulate the turbine spinning at various RPM speed. It also runs on a custom application that controls all functions.

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First, CGE Energy, Inc. is a holding company with two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Aradatum, Inc. and Clean Green Energy, Inc.

Second, Aradatum, Inc. is a technology company that creates the infrastructure to solve geographic and power challenges caused by the limited reach of next-generation wireless networks.

Third, Clean Energy, Inc. is a company that develops long-term energy projects; they solve the unique energy challenges of its commercial, municipal and nonprofit customers. It provides both services and products that enable its customers to reduce their energy consumption, among other things.

Fourth, Roush has almost 50 years of recognition for providing innovative engineering, testing, prototyping, and manufacturing services to the advanced mobility, aerospace, defense, and theme park industries.

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