Hydrogen and ultra clean fuels refinery projects, will be develop by MMEX Resources Corp. at new sites

MMEX hydrogen and ultra clean fuels

MMEX Resources Corp. acquires additional sites for solar, hydrogen, and ultra clean fuels refinery projects

Hydrogen and ultra-clean fuels refinery project

Actually, MMEX Resources Corp. is a development-stage company focus on planning hydrogen and ultra-clean fuel projects with carbon capture.

In particular, MMEX announced it completed additional site acquisitions of 632 acres for its West Texas projects; consequently, its total land ownership raises to 1,082 acres.

“We announced on February 22, 2022, that along with Polaris Engineering, we had completed significant milestones on the technology timeline for our UltraClean Refinery project and we have received permit approval for the project by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on February 18, 2022.”

Jack W. Hanks, President, and CEO of MMEX Resources Corp.

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“Today, we closed the acquisition of 632 acres of additional land in Pecos County, Texas. This significant acreage position gives us the flexibility to source our solar complex and to provide the space for both our ultra-clean fuels refinery and our green hydrogen project. We estimate we can build potentially another 97 MW/dc of solar power with this additional acreage.”

Jack W. Hanks.

Reaching the market

Firstly, MMEX land assets are in the middle of prime West Texas logistics. Particularly, it is the railroad access to the Texas Pacifico Railroad corridor interconnecting to both the Texas Gulf Coast and the Mexico Western Ports for exports.

In addition, the land has a highway interconnection readily available on Interstate 10; the “transcontinental” highway traveling through eight states from coast to coast. 

Definitely, this ideal location expects to allow MMEX Resources Corp. to market the ultraclean refined projects and green hydrogen from coast to coast in the U.S and to Western Mexico Ports for export to Asia.

About MMEX Resources Corp.

MMEX Resources Corporation is a development stage company focus in energy industry infrastructure projects. 

Also, the company is developing projects to produce hydrogen and ultraclean fuel products combined with CO2 capture. Finally, MMEX also develops solar power for distribution to its planned projects. 

For more information about MMEX, click here.

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