LG Energy Solution receives Dr. Peter Kyungsuk Pyun as CDO for the Battery Manufacturing Unit


The new position

Firstly a few months ago LG Energy Solution informed the plans to transform its global production bases into smart factories; as a result of this action the main goal is to upgrade the battery manufacturing process.

By the welcome of Dr. Peter Kyungsuk Pyun new CDO; in addition the company will focus all the efforts to transform its entire global bases into data-centric operations digitally.

With these intelligent factories, soon the provider will make data-driven decisions; also will enable automatic calibration and will reduce potential battery-related topics.

Consequently the producer will give more value to the products and reduce the costs, these activities will raise its profitability.

The Chief Digital Officer

Known as a skilled person in the manufacturing field of global data science; since some years ago Dr. Pyun is an international expert in the data science..

“Dr. Pyun has gained global perspective and experience in operating and developing solutions for AI-based monitoring in smart manufacturing. We are thrilled to have him as Dr. Pyun is the right fit which is capable of accelerating efforts to turn LGES’s global battery manufacturing facilities into smart factories.”

LG Energy Solution.

In the same way, Dr. Pyun worked like a data scientist at Nvidia Corporation; and he also guided several of the projects as a lead architect in the Autonomous vehicles, the Industrial AI and in the Cloud AI.

As well, Pyun has a MS and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering; and what is more he received a BS in Control; and Instrumentation Engineering; from the Seoul National University with a great distinction.

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Leader in lithium-ion batteries

LG Energy Solution is focus on developing several innovative technologies; as a result the future energy will be a step closer. The company delivers batteries for Electric Vehicles; for Mobility and IT applications, and the Energy Storage Systems.

With 30 years of experience; in advanced battery technology, the leader continues to overgrow for that reason towards the support of sustainable life; along with a global network in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia,

Additionally, LG Energy Solution has the ESG vision “We CHARGE toward a better future;” with this policy the company protects the environment, has social responsibilities, and works for a sustainable future.

You can get more information at: https://www.lgensol.com

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