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Enhancing Homeowners Access to Solar – Panasonic releases four new EverVolt solar modules


Today, Panasonic announced it released four new EverVolt solar modules with a storage cabinet to the US market. Accordingly, the company is delivering an enhanced product for homeowners to reduce their consumption footprint while acquiring advanced performance and improved convenience.

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More about Panasonic’s EverVolt Solar Modules

According to the company, its EverVolt solar modules use half-cut cells with heterojunction technology (HJT). Besides, even in high temperatures, the modules work correctly. Furthermore, the EverVolts have exceptional degradation rates, Panasonic added.

In fact, the new modules are backed by the company’s TripleGuard and AllGuard 25-year warranties. Moreover, the technology only requires a one-person installation and is field serviceable. Therefore, the four new modules, which will be available in Q3 2021, include:

  • EverVolt Solar Module Series 380-W/370-W modules feature efficiency ratings of 21.7% and 21.2%, respectively, and provide maximum power output for residential solar systems.
  • EverVolt Solar Module Black Series 370-W/360-W modules feature efficiency ratings of 21.2% and 20.6%, respectively, with a sleek all-black aesthetic design.

Worth noting, the panels represent a 10-W improvement over the previous EverVolt line, announced in December 2020.


“Building upon Panasonic’s 40-year legacy of commitment to and investment in the solar energy industry. Thus, we are excited to offer homeowners even more choices when considering high-efficiency modules;” said Mukesh Sethi, Director, Solar, and Energy Storage, Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America; a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America.

Thus, “the new modules are the latest technological evolutions in our roadmap of innovative solutions. Mainly, those that are designed with homeowners’ and installers’ needs in mind,” added Sethi.

In addition to an expanded suite of module options, homeowners will soon be able to store more energy per square foot. Particularly, with a redesign of the EverVolt home battery storage cabinet.  In fact, this aspect gives the system a smaller footprint.

Main differentiators

Accordingly, the new cabinet, which will be available beginning in June 2021; enables homeowners to stack more batteries and store more energy in a smaller space.

Therefore, the improved cabinet will be 29 x 47 x 18 in. Moreover, the EverVolt battery is compatible with any solar module system or inverter; so that it can be fitted into a homeowner’s individual needs.

Finally, Sethi concluded that “interest in solar energy continues to climb;” Therefore, now there are “more homeowners considering complete energy systems inclusive of both panels and storage.”

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