EnMass Energy launches software solution for clean fuel projects

enmass energy

EnMass Energy, a software provider for sustainable energy projects, announced this Friday it has launched a new software solution for sustainable fuel projects. The solution is a new proprietary software aimed at streamlining Waste-to-Energy (WTE) and other sustainable energy projects.

Firstly, EnMass is a relatively new company. Its inception was in 2015, and is a pioneer in the sustainable energy industry, securing over $2.15 million in its initial seed round of investing.

Moreover, the new software intends to make sustainable fuel projects more accessible and prevalent by getting them operational faster and running more efficiently. By using the software, project owners will be able to manage their entire procurement process using a single-sourced platform.

Furthermore, the platform will offer visibility for the entire chain of custody, handle all scheduling communication, and provides data analytics for process improvements. The release of the software will be official on February 17th; when the company presents a live demo of it. You can register to see the demo here.

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EnMass Energy with a cutting-edge digital solution

On the other hand, the software will feature an origination report capability. This will help users choose the ideal location for their sustainable fuel project by checking various success criteria. The criteria would include the availability of preferred feedstock type; competitive landscape, like other uses for feedstock; other sustainable fuel projects, etc; and infrastructure requirements on a per-project basis.

In addition, once the user has identified his ideal primary location, the tool will also provide contact information from a database to help the user initiate outreach with potential suppliers. Complementary to the origination report, the software will act as a waste-to-energy specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.

Notably, this feature will empower users to better manage the day-to-day operations of the entire WtE supply chain from start to finish. Also, it would help create a more digitized supply chain that reaps all the benefits of instant communication, automation, and more.

Finally, some of the key features of this will include storing and managing supplier contact information; creating and sending invoices; communicating with suppliers right from the app; creating delivery schedules that both the supplier and producer can see; delivering notifications from the supplier on any delivery changes.

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