Fluence partners with Pexapark to advance data and AI solutions


Fluence, a global market leader in energy storage products and services and digital applications for renewables and storage, has partnered with Pexapark; an award-winning provider of software and advisory services for renewable energy sales and risk management.

Firstly, the agreement is a long-term strategic partnership that intends to provide the electricity market with a powerful combination of insights to better navigate and lead through the clean energy transition.

Moreover, these solutions will have Artificial Intelligence technology and data-driven applications that will help investors, independent power producers (IPPs) and utilities make better decisions; particularly as the energy storage and renewables market peaks. The solutions from the companies will help customers navigate merchant market risks and maximize revenues while working to advance the clean energy transition.

In addition, under the agreement, Fluence’s customers will gain access to Pexapark’s suite of analytical tools and services; which simplify the complexity of energy transactions. It will deliver greater price transparency and risk management; while supporting industry players in their journey through project planning to long-term operations. These tools will maximize the value of their investment and increase deployments.

Furthermore, asset developers and owners will particularly benefit from pricing and analytics for storage and co-located facilities. They will also get advice on the best Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) structuring for specific types of generation and energy storage assets; and expert advisory on trading and hedging strategies.

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Fluence IQ Bidding app with AI technology

On the other hand, the agreement will also pair Pexapark’s unique market knowledge and data, with Fluence’s fleet of 3.6 GW of battery-based storage solutions. The Fluence IQ Bidding Application, which uses artificial intelligence, advanced price forecasting; also, portfolio optimization, and market bidding, will ensure energy storage and flexible generation assets are optimally participating in wholesale electricity markets.

Manuel Perez Dubuc, CEO of Fluence said about the agreement. “Today’s announcement is another major milestone for realizing Fluence’s ambition to develop a unique ecosystem that changes the way our customers power the world.”

He also said. “We are growing this ecosystem, including third-party technology solutions, with our products, services, and digital applications for renewables and storage.”

Finally, Michael Waldner, CEO, and Co-Founder, Pexapark said. “As the renewable energy sector continues to evolve (…) it is critical that industry players are armed with the data, knowledge, and software to maximize their returns and manage their risks.”

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