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Cadlock, the software the industry asked for and is eager to work with

Cadlock Maerix

Cadlock is a software developed by Quebec-based company Maerix. It’s a Lockout/Tagout system that prevents workers from getting injured every time they work nearby energy equipment. Particularly when machine guards or electrical doors or covers open, or anytime a person has exposure to injury from the unexpected start-up or energization of equipment.

Consequently, to help prevent injuries during operations, companies develop or use a control program to enable personal access to facilities and update any changes in equipment the operator needs to be aware of. However, oftentimes these programs have the form of a sheet of paper that quickly becomes outdated, therefore posing a danger for the worker.

Cadlock comes precisely to reinvent these Lockout/Tagout systems by integrating these procedures into software that allows real-time updates and keeps track of any changes in the equipment. Regarding the matter, Sarah Hill, Director of Customer Experience of Maerix, told us in an exclusive interview.

Cadlock, reinventing LOTO procedures

“Usually Lockout/Tagout systems are folders where you can keep paperwork relevant to either your equipment, your energy sources, and how to have control over them so you can always work safely.” What Maerix did was truly different, she said, adding that “we added these systems an intelligent software to help our customers while making the process much simpler than it was before.”

Moreover, Cadlock replaces the paperwork that quickly becomes outdated, with QR codes as keys and access to the software from any mobile device. These features alone have a strong impact on security, potentially saving lives. “The system administrators control all the available information. Therefore, if an important change takes place in a piece of equipment, or to a work procedure in some type of machinery, employees will be notified in real-time so they are up to date with the information they need to operate,” she added.

Cadlock also features tons of multimedia content on its platform. Mostly to train users on certain equipment’s usage. These additions allow less contact between maintenance personnel and training personnel from third parties; delivering extra security in regard to social distancing and other measures related to the pandemic.

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Cadlock will have more functionalities in the future

“We have customers saying they can work with half their staff. They can train people. But they can also bring new personnel to work on pieces of equipment that need repair; without having other employees from third parties by the side having contact with each other,” Sarah Hill commented.

All these features made Cadlock the perfect solution for many industries as it allows solving urgent needs in a variety of industry sectors. “Actually, we have a lot of success stories,” Sarah Hill said to Energy Capital Media. “Many of our customers had requested a new Lockout/Tagout solution. But we also have new customers eager to work with Cadlock. Some of those are Leclerc Foods, they have facilities in Canada and the US as well; another is Danone, which is currently working with Cadlock. People are eager to work with us, so we are really happy with the results,” she said.

Cadlock allowing production efficiency

Furthermore, the software is 100%  Quebecois. In fact, it does not use any Microsoft templates or Oracle databases; the Maerix team developed the whole software. “The main features that people will talk about is the QR codes that can trigger information on an energy source, or an employee or an equipment,” Ms. Hill commented.

Eric Veilleux, President, and CEO of the company commented on the matter further. “Cadlock helps not only in the safety part but also in the production perspective. There are a lot of dashboards built into the software that gives a lot of information on how customers can save money, and how they actually save money. As a result, our customers are really liking how we built the software for them, listening to them and not only the health and safety perspectives.”

Finally, the executive remarked that the software took around two years to develop. “It was a really fast developing schedule; however, we gathered all the information from our existing customer base. That’s why we were able to fast-pace the development. He also commented that in the near future Maerix will add some more functionalities to the software. Cadlock users can expect more features to their already powerful solution.

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