2G Energy partners with LIMA to deploy CHP projects across the US

2G Energy CHP

2G Energy, a renowned Combined Heat and Power (CHP) cogeneration company, announced this Thursday it established a partnership with LIMA Company to develop and construct net-zero-ready CHP projects across the US.

Firstly, under the agreement, LIMA will utilize 2G’s best-in-class CHP products to deliver commercial and industrial energy users economic savings, business resilience, and carbon reduction.

Moreover, LIMA is a true leader and one of the region’s top blended trade service companies. It has the skills to not only integrate a CHP system into a wide range of client sites but to service these systems throughout their useful life.

Furthermore, the company’s team includes mechanical engineers; electricians, system designers, controls experts, professionally trained technicians, financial experts, master mechanics, and sales/marketing professionals.

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2G Energy and LIMA partnership achieves three pillars of strength

Bob Lima, the president, explained the relevance of the partnership in a statement. “When we started looking at CHP projects years ago, we were really surprised how many projects were underperforming client expectations.” He said.

The executive also added. “Many of the CHP equipment vendors in the market are just interested in their scope of supply and not going the extra mile to ensure the client recognizes the expected value of the project. We are delighted to have 2G standing beside us in this mission. They are the top equipment provider in this market, and the local team is second to none in the USA.”

On the other hand, Dan Jones 2G Energy Inc. CEO said. “Every successful CHP project needs three legs to stand on, including equipment, installation, and long-term service. Our partnership with LIMA achieves all three.”

Finally, he also commented. “We are especially excited about LIMA’s experience with thermal energy integration. Thermal connection considerations are often overlooked or not addressed when installing a CHP system. LIMA brings the skill set.”

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