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Enbridge and Capital Power to launch CCS project in Alberta

Enbridge Line 5 sustainability

Enbridge, a top Canadian midstream company, and Capital Power, a wholesale power producer focused in North America, have agreed to launch a carbon capture and storage project in west Edmonton, Alberta.

Firstly, the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the carbon capture project in the Wabamun area west of Edmonton, Alberta; near Capital Power’s Genesee Generating Station.

Moreover, under the terms of the MoU, the companies will evaluate and advance the CCS project; with Enbridge collaborating on the transportation and storage services. On the other hand, Capital Power would deliver carbonic gas.

In addition, Enbridge has a proposal to develop further an open-access carbon hub in the Wabamun area. It would launch such a project through the Government of Alberta’s Request for Full Project Proposals; starting as early as December 2021.

However, these opportunities are still subject to the Government of Alberta’s competitive carbon hub selection process; and a future final investment decision. About the matter, Chris Kopecky, Capital Power Senior Vice President, said. “Capital Power is helping build a carbon-neutral future in Alberta by advancing the Genesee CCS Project at our Genesee Generating Station.”

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CCS proejct from Enbridge and Capital Power to capture up to 3 million tons of CO2 annually

He also remarked. “It’s exciting to partner with Enbridge on this project and supports their efforts in pursuit of the Open Access Wabamun Carbon Hub. Collaborative development throughout the CCS value chain is key to ensuring that CCS can be deployed in a safe, responsible, and cost-effective manner.”

On the other hand, Capital Power’s Genesee Generating Station generates over 1,200 megawatts of baseload electricity generation to Albertans. The company is currently repowering the station’s 1 and 2 units. After completion of the process; the Genesee station will be one of North America’s most efficient natural gas combined cycle power generation units.

Consequently, the CCS project that Enbridge and Capital Power would launch might capture up to 3 million tons of CO2 annually. Enbridge would transport the captured CO2 through its open-access carbon hub, serving several local industrial companies. The project could start operating as early as 2026.

Finally, Colin Gruending, Enbridge Executive Vice President of Liquids Pipelines, commented. “Collaboration like this is critical as we look to advance cost-effective, customer-focused carbon capture, transportation, and storage solutions in Alberta and across North America, with a commitment to protecting land, water, and the environment and engaging meaningfully with local Indigenous communities.”

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