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Lawmakers launch Hydrogen Infrastructure bill to boost adoption

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Lawmakers introduced this Thursday a bipartisan Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative to boost investment and adoption of this clean fuel across industry sectors. The initiative came from U.S. Senators Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA), Chris Coons (D-DE), and John Cornyn (R-TX); backed by and cosponsored by Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and Ben Ray Luján (D-NM).

Firstly, the bipartisan Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative includes three bills to develop hydrogen solutions across the industries further. Particularly on end-use applications, transport, store, and delivery of hydrogen. Indeed, the initiative intends to provide support at multiple stages of the hydrogen value chain.

Moreover, the initiative will prioritize projects that will maximize emissions reductions. The bills included in it intend to lower costs and barriers to enable projects and partnerships. Such will move the U.S. closer to meet the demands of a robust hydrogen economy.

In addition, some of the critical points of the legislation are the promotion of hydrogen and ammonia-fueled equipment at ports and in shipping applications; support of commercial-scale demonstration projects for end-use industrial applications like steel, cement, glass, and chemicals; and the creation of a pilot Hydrogen Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (HIFIA) program.

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Lamakers launched before CO2 capture initiative

Such a program would provide grants and flexible, low-interest loans for retrofitted or new hydrogen transport infrastructure projects. In fact, this bill also includes a study to address questions related to technical requirements for transporting and storing hydrogen; as well as an assessment of jurisdiction over siting, construction, safety, and regulation for hydrogen transport infrastructure.

On the other hand, the Hydrogen Initiative comes as lawmakers Cassidy and Coons introduced the nation’s first comprehensive CO2 infrastructure bill earlier this year. Like the one presented today, the CO2 initiative intends to help the development of critical carbon capture infrastructure to reduce emissions.

The current package of legislation got the endorsement of industry leaders of Chemours, Linde, Lanzatech; Clean Air Task Force, RMI, Third Way; ClearPath, Air Liquide, and more. Rich Powell, ClearPath executive director, said. “Smart policies like this hydrogen innovation initiative will help accelerate deployment and necessary infrastructure.”

Finally, Senator Cassidy said. “Louisiana is already an energy powerhouse. These bills will allow Louisiana to continue to be a global leader.” To what senator Cornyn added. “This legislation would help make hydrogen more accessible and cost-effective so businesses and consumers can utilize this reliable energy resource.”

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