Uber and Wallbox partner for EV charging solutions in the Bay Area


Uber, the international mobility platform and Wallbox, leading EV chargers provider, announced this Tuesday they have entered into a strategic partnership to simplify the transition to EVs for Bay Area rideshare drivers using Uber.

Firstly, the partnership comes as part of Uber’s strategy to become a 100% zero-emissions mobility platform in the US, Canada, and Europe by 2030. The partnership will provide drivers using Uber with a discounted package for a Wallbox charger, seamless installation, and the option to finance the package.

Moreover, the companies mounted the strategy as 80% of the charging of EVs happens at home. Also, as the Bay Area has its majority of properties conducive to home charging, the area is seeing a rise in the uptake of EVs.

Consequently, if the pilot program proves successful, the partnership roll out to other regions in the US, Canada, and globally.

On the other hand, Wallbox offers a leading home charging solution. In fact, its worldwide best-selling charger, Pulsar Plus, became an Amazon US Best Seller in just a few months. Pulsar Plus is the smallest smart home EV charger in the US indeed. It is also compatible with all EVs, including Teslas, and can be installed in homes, apartments, and other multi-unit dwellings.

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Uber rapidly increasing EVs on its fleet and making charging accesible

In addition, Douglas Alfaro, General Manager for Wallbox North America, said. “Demand for EVs is rapidly increasing here in the US. To help accelerate the transition to more sustainable transportation, we need to continue to make charging accessible.”

He also commented. “Uber is a tech company at the heart of transport here in California, so it was natural for us to team up with them to give drivers using the platform access to smart at-home solutions.”

Furthermore, Uber SVP of Mobility and Business Operations Andrew Macdonald said. “Climate is a team sport, and Uber is committed to doing our part to expedite the transition to zero-emissions mobility.”

Finally, the partnership will allow Wallbox to enter the North American market in a solid manner. It has its headquarters in Barcelona. Since 2015, it has created smart charging systems that combine innovative technology with outstanding design. In fact, the chargers are able to manage the communication between vehicle, grid, building, and charger.

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