Heliene, from Canada, to open second solar panel factory in U.S.


Heliene, a solar panel manufacturer from Canada, announced it will open its second U.S. manufacturing company; it will locate in Florida and will open next month; according to Reuters.

Firstly, the new plant will focus on booming the solar panel markets; however, specifically for the domestic and residential market.

Secondly, indeed the company is among a small group of foreign companies that operate and manufacture solar panels in U.S. soil. Originally, the company produces their panels in Canada; and their first U.S. factory opened in Minnesota back in 2018.

Thirdly, as said above, the facility will boost domestic market for panels; however, it will also focus on capturing demand demand for clean energy sources; that support the push to electrify passenger cars and homes, Chief Executive Martin Pochtaruk said in an interview with Reuters.

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Heliene to help U.S. meet increasing demand

Moreover, the executive also remarked. “The electrification of everything we do is unstoppable. We will be the engine of that electric advancement.” He remarked president Joe Biden’s pledge to boost clean electricity and low carbon solutions across all sectors of the industry.

In addition, the opening of a solar panel manufacturing plant in the U.S. is relevant; after China, the U.S. is the biggest market for solar energy; however, most of its panels come from Asia. Something similar happens with wind energy; the U.S. wind market is among the one growing faster, especially offshore. However, most of wind blades come from Europe.

Furthermore, Heliene’s facility will be 75,000 square feet; located in Riviera Beach, Florida. It will employ 60 workers and have a manufacturing capacity of 100 megawatts. According to Reuters, the factory will also make high-efficiency products, using the heterojunction technology; which are those black panels that produce more energy in a smaller footprint than rivals on the market; “and look more attractive on rooftops.” Pochtaruk said.

Finally, the executive remarked that despite higher U.S. manufacturing costs, Heliene has succeeded because it is able to provide hi-end panels; without the long wait and cost that implies them arriving from overseas.

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