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Digitalization in Energy: the value of a suitable technology partner


We have found that a suitable technology partner is crucial. As a travel partner, this partner would understand the needs and complexities of the energy system.

manuel losada friend – isotrol

By Manuel Losada – Chief Operating Officer, Isotrol

Two recent press releases highlight the current situation in the energy sector in North America on its way to decarbonization:

Last Wednesday, 31st March 2021, U.S. President Joe Biden unveiled a $2 trillion infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh; indeed, an eight-year initiative that includes hundreds of millions of dollars to boost renewable energy. Also, marking a milestone to date in administrative terms to achieve clean energy targets by 2050.

Elsewhere, a group of Canadian natural gas producers, including Tourmaline Oil, ARC Resources, and Birchcliff Energy; announced that they will be joining with other energy companies; particularly, to establish a new capital fund that will invest in clean technology start-ups.

Investments in renewable energy increase

Both milestones underline an essential idea: as people continue to demand more and more energy; governments and companies continue to increase their commitments to investing in renewable energy. Moreover, this reality includes the Oil & Gas industry, making it clear that it will play a leading role in the supply of low-carbon energy.

Within this exciting route towards energy transition, undertaken by organisms and institutions worldwide, digitalization has become a key factor. Moreover, this one is decisive for accelerating the competitiveness among renewable energies. For this reason, companies in the energy industry are investing in digital technology as part of their strategies.

However, the digitalization of the energy sector is not without its complexities: all agents will have to overcome challenges during this process. Moreover, to become successful with this new energy model, companies will have to anticipate changes. Also, redefine their strategies, and make decisions regarding modernization that facilitate their businesses’ digital transformation and sustainability.

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The importance of a suitable technology partner

Among these decisions, we have found that a suitable technology partner is crucial. As a travel partner, this partner would understand the needs and complexities of the energy system. At the same time, this technology partner would propose technological innovations for modernization; particularly to improve competitiveness and maximize the results.

Accordingly, this need opens up an exciting business opportunity and brings great value to Isotrol as a technology partner. Although it hasn’t been until nowadays that digitizing energy is being so hotly discussed, digital technology designed to manage electricity and gas has been used since the 1970s.

For decades, the automatization of processes has been used within the industry, maximizing quality and minimizing energy use and transport; particularly, whose security, reliability, and efficiency have been massively enhanced when it comes to monitoring routes and optimizing them via software.

Isotrol: leveraging the technology partner opportunity

Since we started in 1984, Isotrol’s activity has been linked with innovative projects in the energy sector, applying technology to control energy installations. As a result of this journey/experience, besides helping to increase the efficiency and profitability of renewable energy power plants; we can offer technology solutions for their integration within the network and allow large companies to optimize their commercial energy operations.

Moreover, this ability provides us with a singular company profile. Besides, it puts us in a privileged position to contribute to the energy sector’s digital transformation as an expert technology partner.

Specifically in the United States, this position has been strengthened by signing a recent agreement with Berkana Resources Corporation; leader in Operational Technology (OT) infrastructures for the energy market. Counting on its wealth of experience and prestige in the Oil & Gas sector has allowed us to present an even more competitive. Also, with higher quality offer that will enable the solution to the needs of an ever-expanding variety of clients in the US towards renewable energy.

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