Waste to energy platform to be launched by EnMass; $2,15M secured

waste to energy EnMass

Waste to energy will soon have a revolutionary solution by the hands of EnMass Energy; a digital procurement and operations platform that revolutionizes global waste to energy supply chains. The company announced today it has secured $2,15 million in investment to launch its new platform.

Firstly, the platform to be launched by EnMass has solved the entire was to energy supply chain, and it has put together suppliers, transportation logistics and delivery audits. Consequently, it will speed up the entire process of converting usable waste products into new energy sources and saving valuable time for enterprise clients.

Secondly, the seed round in which EnMass secured its investment was led by Blue Bear Capital, and also included Looking Glass Capital and Climate Cloud, along with a number of angel investors.

Thirdly, with the funding, EnMass will launch an online marketplace for waste to energy procurement; which will allow companies to convert source waste materials, from poultry to food waste, into energy.

Moreover, the platform that Enmass has developed gives its clients control over supply, with proper oversight, so companies can make better decisions to support their project operations.

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Digital platform for waste-to-energy business

In addition, the company through its platform will be able to connect all the parties in the business; from suppliers, transporters, trucking companies, warehousing; also, processors, and last-mile deliveries; all through a single, secure, cloud-based platform.

On the other hand, Andrew Joiner, founder and CEO at EnMass Energy, said. “Advancing our business marketplace technology; and also, our logistics solutions will help us rapidly scale to meet the growing needs of our energy clients, and our waste suppliers.”

Additionally, Ernst Sack, Partner, Blue Bear Capital, said. “EnMass is unlocking a new category of circular, regional energy economies; by combining the innovative instinct of digital technology entrepreneurs with the practical experience of hands-on project developers.”

Finally, he said. “The company’s platform has first-hand information on why waste to energy economies have failed to scale in the past; consequently, their innovative data and connectivity-driven software will allow waste streams to get their highest-value use; while helping enterprise clients secure the feedstock they need to reliably build and operate their sustainable energy projects.”

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