Brightmark breaks ground for RNG project in Arizona

Brightmark, leader in waste solutions and renewable natural gas (RNG) projects, announced last week it has broke grounds for an RNG project on the Caballero Dairy Farms; which is a 8,800 animal farm located in Eloy, Arizona.

Firstly, the project includes the construction of new anaerobic digesters at the site. These devices will generate 214 MMBtu of renewable natural gas daily. The output will be delivered to the El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline owned by Kinder Morgan.

Secondly, Brightmark RNG Holdings will own and operate the project. This company is a joint venture between Brightmark and Chevron; it owns and operates nearly 29 RNG projects in eight states of the U.S.

Thirdly, the Caballero RNG project will start commercial operations around the first quarter of 2022. When fully operational, it will avoid the emission of nearly 33,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Which will be the equivalent of planting 43,000 acres of forest.

Moreover, the technology developed by Brightmark can prevent the release of significant quantities of methane; which is a very potent greenhouse gas. Research shows that when all climate benefits are considered together, RNG from dairy manure can reduce GHG’s up to 400 per cent.

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Brightmark leveraging carbon negative opportunities in Arizona

In fact, it can even be a negative carbon solution for fuels used in the transportation sector. The technology by the company extracts the methane from the process manure and uses it for the production of RNG. The remaining soil nutrients will be returned to the farmers for use as fertilizer and water for forage crops for their cows.

Furthermore, Bob Powell, CEO of Brightmark said about the project. “We look forward to partnering with Caballero Dairy Farms; we will see significant opportunities to continue to advance our mission of reimagining waste in communities across the U.S.; ones that can benefit from the new economic and environmental value our projects deliver.”

He also remarked. “We are excited to break ground on our first RNG project in Arizona; particularly as we expand our footprint and operate carbon negative projects across the U.S.”

Finally, Caballero, owner of Caballero Dairy Farms, concluded. “By bringing this innovative technology to our farm, we are leading by example; we are showing how dairy farms across Arizona can reduce greenhouse gas emissions; also, improve water quality and protect the environment; all, while generating new sources of revenue.”

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