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AAM to receive DOE funding for Electric Drive Technology development


American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) the leading designer and supplier of driveline technologies, announced this Friday it will receive $5 million funding from the Department of Energy to advance its next generation Electric Drive Technology.

Firstly, the funding came after a cooperative agreement between AAM and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy (EERE). Such agreement, also on behalf of the Vehicle Technologies Office, pretends to fund research and development for advanced batteries and vehicle electrification; precisely like the one from AAM.

Secondly, other technologies funded by EERE are advanced engine, fuel technologies, including technologies for off-road applications and also, alternative fueled engines; lightweight materials; new mobility technologies (energy efficient mobility systems) and alternative fuels technology demonstrations.

Thirdly, AAM will use this cooperative agreement to further fund and develop its low cost, high-performance, heavy rare earth-free 3-in-1 electric drive unit. Which is an electric drive unit that integrates power electronics with the electric motor and gearbox. This optimized design achieves industry-leading power density, performance and also cost competitiveness.

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AAM focused on advancing vehicle electrification

Moreover, the Electric Drive tech by AAM is a suite of innovative electric propulsion solutions; they are scalable for all hybrid and battery electric vehicle segments. Furthermore, it can be implemented in a wide range of vehicles; from mini, to high-performance luxury crossovers/passenger cars and light trucks/SUVs.

In addition, the technology comes out from the expertise of AAM in design, engineering, analysis, testing and manufacturing of advanced driveline systems. In fact, the company was one of six Michigan projects to receive funding from the Department of Energy.

On the other hand, David C. Dauch, company’s CEO, said. “AAM is keenly focused on advancing innovations that further enhance the efficiency; also, the performance and affordability of battery electric and hybrid vehicles. We believe demand for sustainable propulsion systems will continue to grow in all vehicle segments.”

Finally, he remarked. “We are honored that DOE recognized the potential of AAM’s electric drive technology; specially to power a wide range of low and zero emission vehicle applications; and also look forward to advancing these developments with their support.”

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