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Spark Power announces new energy efficiency services for North America


Today, North American independent provider Spark Power Group Inc. announced it launched energy efficiency services for small and medium-sized commercial and industrial manufacturers. Accordingly, this service will help customers save time and money while identifying simple upgrades to enhance their energy efficiency.

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Spark Power on launching energy efficiency services in North America

This Monday, North American independent provider Spark Power Group Inc. announced it launched energy efficiency services for small and medium-sized manufacturers. Mainly, its target customers will be in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Accordingly, this solution will help them save time and money by identifying simple upgrades and optimizations with short payback periods and tangible environmental results.  

Therefore, Spark Power aims to lower customers’ electricity costs, shrink their carbon footprint, and provide a convenient, end-to-end experience from assessment to implementation. Through the Company’s energy efficiency services, customers can harness energy efficiency’s benefits.

For instance, projects in this regard have proved that they can reduce customers’ energy usage by 4-17% in the commercial and industrial space. In fact, compared to their existing equipment.

Spark Power’s services also include incentive application support to inform customers of potential savings and apply for incentives on their behalf. Moreover, the Company has several local branches across North America; thus, it can provide region-specific services tailored to each customer’s needs.

The benefits of leveraging energy efficiency

In fact, Spark Power has over 50 years of experience in low voltage electrical contracting. Additionally, it provides end-to-end support to over 5,500 customers. For instance, from providing assessments, surveys and finding the right solution for their needs through implementation, testing, and commissioning.

“Our sustainability offerings continue to grow across North America. So, we’re proud to support our customers’ evolving needs,” said Sean Drygas, Vice President, Sales, Marketing, Strategy & Sustainability, Spark Power. Thus, “Spark’s energy efficiency services will identify our customers’ most pressing efficiency opportunities. Besides, they’ll provide them a streamlined implementation path, furthering our commitment as our customers’ Trusted Partner in Power.”

Similarly, Cody Zaitsoff, Executive Vice President for the Company in the U.S. and Western Canada, said: “We are pleased to offer our customers a new way to shrink their carbon footprint while cutting their energy costs.” In fact, “through expert analysis and end-to-end service, our energy efficiency services will help customers meet their energy goals.”

Indeed, Bullfrog Power, Spark Power’s sustainability division, will support the Company’s new energy efficiency services. Thus, it will analyze customers’ energy consumption and costs. Besides, Bullfrog will secure all incentives on their behalf.

In this sense, Suha Jethalal, General Manager, Bullfrog Power, declared: “Bullfrog Power has been a trusted source of corporate sustainability solutions for more than 15 years. Therefore, we’re excited to apply our expertise to our new energy efficiency services. Also, to help a wider customer segment reap the benefits of sustainable energy practices.”

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