GP Joule breaks ground on a 106MW solar portfolio in Alberta

GP Joule Alberta

GP Joule North America, a subsidiary of GP Joule GmbH, announced this Thursday it broken ground on a 106-megawatt solar portfolio in Alberta, for Concord Pacific; Canada’s largest community builder.

Firstly, the large experience of GP Joule in building projects in challenging landscapes and climates; as well as its proven and durable technology were key factors in the company being selected by Concord Pacific to build the assets.

Secondly, the solar portfolio will be located in an area within one hour of Lethbridge, Alberta. It’s a portfolio of projects of 36 MW of capacity each. Being located in the area mentioned, the assets need to endure the provinces highest wind speeds, around 140 kilometers per hour.

Thirdly, the assets will be built with GP Joule’s proven PHLEGON Fixed racking system; which was the best choice for the area’s exceptional conditions.

Moreover, the company is known for building a network with local workers; for this project it estimates upwards of 150 skilled and professional trade workers, 60% of which will come out of the fossil fuel industry. This, in order to help transition the province’s workforce to renewable energy.

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GP Joule partners with communities of Alberta and First Nations to develop portfolio

In fact, the company is partnering with the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation community, as the company pretends to expand and share the works with the province’s communities. “GP Joule was the logical choice; as they had recent experience in building merchant plants and furthering utility scale projects during the pandemic,” said Terry Hui, President and CEO of Concord Pacific.

In addition, “our track record across Canada and the US shows our commitment to local partners; including indigenous communities.” Said David Pichard, CEO of GP JOULE North America.

He also remarked. “Local hiring agencies and contractors help us boost job creation wherever we can. We always strive to secure all our partners and staff within a 90-kilometer radius of a project site.”

Finally, he concluded. “GP JOULE is proud to work with Concord Pacific; to bring enduring reliability and also strong returns to their projects. Our high-quality standards in design, system optimization; also, material selection and skillful installation coupled with our tough PHLEGON racking solution allows us to deliver great value to owners of merchant plants.”

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