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Schneider Electric launches ATV6000 for medium voltage solutions

Schneider Electric ATV6000

Schneider Electric, the energy management and automation leader, announced this Monday the launch of its ATV6000; an EcoStruxure-enabled drive that offers medium voltage solutions, and application-specific solutions for the mining, energy and power industries.

Firstly, the ATV6000 offers process optimization, improved energy management, and also enhanced asset management. Through the latest Internet of Things connectivity, the device offers energy savings of up to 30%; thanks to its energy controls and load measures.

Secondly, through optimized predictive maintenance strategies, the user can assess and manage the whole asset to which the ATV6000 is attached to; whether is a drive, a motor or a mechanical asset. It offers enhanced asset management of 20 per cent.

Thirdly, the ATV6000 also allows advanced electronic cell-bypass and best efficiency point function for pumps; boosting productivity by up to 20 per cent.

Moreover, as said above, the ATV6000 is equipped with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, which is a cloud-enabled remote monitoring service. Whit it, the ATV turns data into valuable insights to help businesses run their operations efficiently.

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Schneider Electric’s ATV6000 available in the canadian market

In addition, it offers preventive and predictive management based on real-time assessments and analytics; through its use, users could perform continuous health monitoring of assets, risk evaluation and also risk mitigation to help identify potential failures; reduce downtime and also effectively manage costs.

On the other hand, the ATV6000 will be available in the Canada market. Sanjith Singh, Vice President, Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric Canada, said about the matter. “We are thrilled to introduce ATV6000 as a strong medium voltage offer to the Canadian market; equipping engineers with a simple solution for demanding MV Drive applications across multiple industry segments.”

He also said. “This device provides a high level of customization to meet specific requirements; offering flexibility for modifications and also extensions. No matter what the challenge, electrical or mechanical, our application specialists and design engineers can provide customers with optimized solutions; consequently resulting in Capex and Opex savings.”

Finally, Fredrick Morency, Vice President, Services, Schneider Electric Canada, said. “As the core of all industrial processes, MV Drives play a critical role in a company’s success; unexpected downtime can lead to loss of production running into millions of dollars. With ATV6000, customers can also enjoy peace-of-mind that even in the event of a failure, they have access to local experts; engineers, service technicians, in addition to spare parts availability, to help get operations up and running within a few hours.”

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