Quidnet achieves milestones in its Geomechanical Pumped Storage Systems

Quidnet Energy GPS

Quidnet Energy, the Texas-based renewable technology firm, announced this Tuesday it achieved milestones in its Geomechanical Pumped Storage technology (GPS); under the contracts awarded by the Department of Energy and its Water Power Technology Office (WPTO) and the Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy (ARPA-E).

Firstly, Quidnet’s GPS technology utilizes excess renewable energy to store water beneath ground under pressure. When renewable energy is not producing this pressurized water drives hydroelectric turbines producing electricity to support the grid.

Secondly, Quidnet partnered with WPTO to develop a reversible injector-generator that would enable the deployment of modular hydropower conversion in high-pressure pumped hydro applications. The milestone was hit when Quidnet achieved completion of the system-level design and engineering of key components of such system in an industrial machining facility in New York State.

Thirdly, the company hit yet another milestone by the completion of project development of the exploration well sites; including sites that reuse inactive O&G wells; and achieving resource performance targets during exploration well hydraulic testing.

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Quidnet, one step closer to comercialization of GPS technology

Moreover, the company achieved such goal after its works with the ARPA-E to develop the GPS technology in key markets of the U.S. by planning and executing exploratory wells to characterize, evaluate, and validate this geologic resource.

In addition, Joe Zhou, Quidnet CEO, said about the matter. “WPTO and ARPA-E have been vital partners in the development of our long duration energy storage technology. These leading energy technology organizations have brought valuable resources; also, and oversight to the development process, helping steward our technology toward commercialization.”

Furthermore, Jenn Garson, WPTO Acting Outreach, Engagement & Analysis Manager, commented. “Long duration storage technologies such as Quidnet’s can play a crucial role in advancing our transition to a zero-carbon electric grid. Based on the strong results we have seen to date; we are optimistic about Quidnet and its contribution to our energy future.”

Finally, ARPA-E DAYS Program Director Dr. Scott Litzelman, concluded. “Quidnet Energy, as well as the rest of ARPA-E’s DAYS teams, are working to develop innovative long-duration energy storage systems; and create new technologies to increase grid resilience and performance.”

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