EPA awards Citgo’s Corpus Christi refinery with prestigious certification

Citgo Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi Refinery of the Citgo Petroleum Corporation has been awarded with a prestigious certification: the 2020 Energy Star by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Citgo’s refinery has had this award for the second year in a row, the company announced this Friday.

Firstly, the certification awards companies which businesses demonstrate superior energy performance; compatibility and improved environmental approaches, while enhancing the corporate bottom line.

Consequently, this certification recognizes Corpus Christi refinery of Citgo as a leader in energy and environmental management in the petroleum industry. In fact, Citgo’s refinery is the only petroleum refinery in the state of Texas recognized with the Energy Star; and also, one of the eight refineries across the country to earn the award.

Secondly, the awards demonstrates Citgo’s commitment in energy management, as a central piece of its business model; indeed, the Corpus Christi refinery has implemented dozens of programs and improvements to achieve high efficiency.

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Corpus Christi refinery reflects Citgo’s commitment with the environment

Moreover, these programs include the installation of new flare gas recovery units and higher efficiency burners in a majority of heaters; the incorporation of real time monitoring programs to ensure energy efficiencies of every unit in the refinery.

In addition, Energy Star eligibility requires that refineries achieve top quartile energy performance, according the Solomon Associates Energy Intensity Index. Consequently, as it is the second year in a row that Citgo earns this award, it reflects the company’s drive to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and achieve high environmental performance.

On the other hand, the refinery has been operating for over 85 years; providing over 1,000 local jobs and generating over $345 million per year for the local economy. In addition to producing high-quality products, the refinery employees are dedicated to serving the local community and preserving the natural environment; according to the company’s statement.

Finally, Carlos Jordá, president and CEO, of the Citgo Petroleum Corporation, said. “Citgo is dedicated to operating our business safely and serving as good guardians of our natural resources. The 2020 ENERGY STAR represents the Corpus Christi plant’s refinery-wide commitment to environmental stewardship.”

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