Solar Alliance completes 2,4 MW solar project in South Carolina

Solar Allaince Bridgestone

Solar Alliance, leading renewable energy provider, has completed the construction of a 2,4 MW commercial solar project for Bridgestone Americas, in South Carolina, the company announced this Wednesday.

Firstly, the project cost was around the $2,7 million; it is going to be powered by more than 7000 solar modules. It will have a full output of 4 gigawatts hours of electricity a year; enough power to feed at least 600 homes and avoid 2,829 tons of carbon dioxide.

Secondly, this is the largest solar complex developed by Solar Alliance; in fact, is the biggest in the company’s history. It construction and auctioned happened in a confidential basis; but announced until it was completed and also fully operational.

“The Project will also generate substantial electricity cost savings and the energy produced by the Project will entirely offset usage within Bridgestone’s facility,” the statement reads.

On the other hand, the $2,7 million capital cost of the project, is the total revenue for Solar Alliance; “and is recognized in the Company’s financial statements on a staged basis until completion. Profit margins are in line with the Company’s other large scale solar projects.”

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Solar Alliance in a growth path

In addition, Myke Clark, Solar Alliance CEO, said. “Bridgestone has illustrated a clear commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and we were proud to work with them to achieve this goal.”

Consequently, “This project showcases the benefits of solar; for large manufacturing companies like Bridgestone that commit to renewable energy solutions. As Solar Alliance continues to grow, we are excited to work with companies like Bridgestone; so they can realize significant electricity cost savings.”

In addition, CEO, stated. “This project is representative of the size and quality of project we are targeting as we continue to grow our business.”

Finally, Solar Alliance operates in Tennessee, Kentucky, also North/South Carolina and several other states. Founded in 2003; since, it has developed wind and solar projects with a combined capital cost exceeding $1 billion that provide enough electricity to power 150,000 homes in the U.S.

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