Veriforce with almost 1/3 of North American energy giants


Veriforce, a global supply chain risk, and compliance management company, announced today that almost one-third of the leading North American energy companies had joined its Network. According to the company, these energy majors partnered with Veriforce since its platform can help them identify and mitigate risks within their supply chains.

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Veriforce: with an increasing membership of energy giants

Earlier Today, Veriforce, a premier global supply chain risk and compliance management company, announced that a record number of companies had joined its platform to identify and mitigate risks within their supply chains. Some of those companies constitute almost one-third of the largest energy firms in North America. Furthermore, these energy giants are among the most highly regulated and dangerous places to work globally.

The company said in a press release that it has expanded into critical industries in recent years, including telecommunications, facilities management, and manufacturing. To help organizations manage evolving risks to ensure their businesses’ safety and performance is Veriforce’s primary goal.

Research indicates that supply chain risk management has become increasingly important as companies partner with new suppliers, look to extend their global reach, and face growing complexities, including the impacts of COVID-19,” said Colby Lane, CEO of Veriforce.

Benefits from mitigating supply chain risks

“It’s difficult for companies to ensure safety and manage business continuity and environmental sustainability risk in this environment, and failing to do so can have disastrous consequences. We are proud to have built the world’s most comprehensive supply chain risk and compliance management solution to help them,” the CEO added.

As Deloitte reported earlier this month, companies who are willing to mitigate supply chain complexities “have strong relationships with key suppliers and systems in place to provide visibility across their extended supply network.” (Business Newswire, 2021).

In this sense, Veriforce can provide visibility and support companies’ needs. The company empowers firms to prequalify third-party contractors’ safety requirements and monitor their ongoing compliance from a single platform.

“Today, there are more than 800 hiring clients in the Veriforce Network. Those same clients have access to nearly 50,000 carefully vetted contractors, vendors, and suppliers across 120 countries and can leverage over 9,000 accredited safety training providers and authorized evaluators, who provide services to more than 2.5 million workers,” the company disclosed.  

Achievements and expansion progress

“This powerful network enables them to make safer hiring decisions and onboard contractors to start work more quickly; reducing risk and paving the way for continued growth,” the Network’s representatives pointed out.

“We have reduced risks throughout our supply chain as a direct result of our extensive partnership with Veriforce;” said Harris Neely, supply chain manager, Aethon Energy, E&P, and Midstream. “Veriforce offers a comprehensive safety solution at a reasonable cost that allows us to manage our safety and compliance from one convenient platform; provides our teams with the expertise and support they need to ensure our workers’ safety readiness; and makes it easy and convenient for our contractors to stay compliant.”

Veriforce positions itself as the only end-to-end supply chain risk and compliance management solution in the industry; identifying and mitigating risk at both the company and the worker level.

Last year, Veriforce continued its rapid growth acquiring Calgary, Alberta-based ComplyWorks, Canada’s leading compliance management solution provider. Through this acquisition, the company has become one of the largest global players in the contractor and compliance management marketplace. CIOReview selected the company as one of the top 10 “Most Promising Environmental Health & Safety Solution (EHS) Providers of 2020.”

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