U.S. Capitol under threat as Trump supporters breach in protest over elections result

capitol under threat

One the most iconic U.S. buildings, the Capitol, is under threat as Trump supporters have stormed the building in protest over the election results. According to CNN, one woman has been shot, as an armed standoff between the angry mob and Capitol officers happened.

Around 1pm, hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the barriers of the building, climbing walls and pushing barriers set up along the security line, to fight against the ceremonial counting that would confirm Joe Biden’s win.

This situation is fueled by elections in Georgia that may give the Democratic party control over the senate, key for the Biden administration to push its energy transition agenda and clean energy efforts that have been so controversial.

The shooting happened when the angry multitude, wearing full riot gear, breached the Capitol building. Capitol officers brought their pistols out and opened fire. According to CNN, the woman received the shot on Capitol grounds, and as of now remains in critical condition.

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Capitol under threat, but on its way to be cleared

At around 3:30pm the Capitol was mostly cleared. Authorities cleared the mob away from the Capitol, towards the Rotunda, and as of now they are removing them from the East and West doors of the building.

Johnathan Hoffman, chief pentagon spokesman, said to CNN, “The D.C. Guard has been mobilized to provide support to federal law enforcement in the District. Acting Secretary Miller has been in contact with Congressional leadership, and Secretary McCarthy has been working with the D.C. government. The law enforcement response will be led by the Department of Justice.”

On his personal Twitter account, president Donald Trump has called to peace, and has asked everyone to remain peaceful and respect the law and order. Nevertheless, he has underlined that the elections were fraudulent; and said Mike Pence, the vice president, was in part responsible.

On social media photos of the alleged perpetrators have been spread; supposedly, they have military connections, although official sources have not confirmed this. Further notice will be given.

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