CG/LA North American Infrastructure List 2020/2021: what about energy?


CG/LA released its Top 100 North American Strategic Infrastructure Projects List for 2020/2021. The list represents more than $330 billion in economic impact.

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North American infrastructure projects were enlisted and ranked in the new CG/LA 100 North American Strategic Infrastructure Projects List. Regarding North American energy projects, the list includes thirty-six. Of these, thirty-three are in the U.S., two in Canada, and one in Mexico.

CG/LA current trends

According to CG/LA, infrastructure projects currently face three transitions: First, the Covid-19 pandemic consequences on federal and local budgets for projects.

Second, a technology transition and project performance changes; thus, infrastructure projects with data intelligence become revenue generators increasingly.

And third, North America currently faces a $27 trillion debt that requires private investment participation and generates strategic infrastructure projects.

Despite negative trends within those transitions, the company observes the vast majority of technology-driven projects are funded by private investment. Besides, the $27 trillion debt is in pension fund assets and under-performing; that scenario will require long-term investments.

How was the ranking done?

According to the report, CG/LA ranked the projects based on data from its Global Infrastructure Visualization Platform (GViP). This database provides quantitative information regarding job creation, sector, completion index, location, value, and project likes.

The company also relies on its proprietary algorithm, recommendations from its surveys, and suggestions from its Advisory Board members to rank the enlisted projects.

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The sectors considered in the ranking are Transport, Social, Water, Information & Communication Technologies, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Others.

In that regard, with the list, CG/LA intends to provide a source of practical information and intelligence on projects across all sectors in North America. Their goal is to help interested people to distinguish long-term strategic value opportunities from improbable ones.  

The List: American, Canadian, and Mexican energy strategic projects

For the U.S., CG/LA identified thirty-three energy infrastructure projects as strategical. Among some notable ones are

  • New York-New Jersey OceanGrid in Michigan focused (Port & Logistics infrastructure)
  • The Sierra Madre and Chokeberry Wind Project Generation in Wyoming (Renewables)
  • Massachusetts Ocean Grid in Massachusetts (Transmission)
  • NatGas Export Facility/Gulport Dredging in Mississippi (generation – natural gas)
  • Controlled Thermal Resources Lithium and Geothermal Project, in the Salton Sea in California (Renewables)

In Canada, some noteworthy projects according to the ranking are:

  • Kivalliq Hydro-Fibre Link Project in Canada (Transmission)
  • Wataynikaneyap Power Project in Canada (Transmission)

For Mexico, CG/LA included in its list just one energy infrastructure project:

  • Concho-Progreso Natural Gas Pipeline System and Storage Project in Mexico (Oil & Gas)

In summary, ranked projects selected by CG/LA address the three transitions in one way or another. For instance, most energy enlisted projects focus on renewable technologies, transmission alternatives, low-emission generation, and storage oil & gas capabilities.

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