FlexGen launches EV charging solution

FlexGen EV charging solution

FlexGen launches EV charging solution. By Energy Capital

FlexGen Power Systems Inc. announced this Tuesday the launching of their new EV charging solution, Plug and Play EV Charging Services. This new technology uses the company’s updated HybridOS 9.3 energy management system platform. It also lines up with the Biden administration’s ambitious target of 50% of EV sales by 2030.

In addition to its new EV charging solution, FlexGen offers a boost in energy use for its customers. This is thanks to their updated software HybridOS 9.3.

Together they provide a pack energy storage system. This system assures an efficient and cheap charging network. It also improves energy consumption to ensure the highest value of this network.

“We’re committed to delivering solutions that allow our customers to meet the full range of operational and commercial demands today while anticipating the needs of tomorrow. Software is the key to meeting those needs. In fact, software is quickly becoming the most important aspect of the energy grid.”

Kelcy Pegler, CEO of FlexGen

HybridOS 9.3

HybridOS 9.3 is an updated software with smart energy management. Combined with their energy storage systems, it can improve the energy used and power demand for charging sessions.

Doing this ensures that the charging station never goes above physical limits. It also promises that the charging sessions will happen. As a result, it reduces the demand charge rates.

A microgrid is an independent energy system that serves a specific local area. FlexGen’s software expands the microgrid’s ability to ensure that charging stations can still deliver no matter what is happening on the power grid.

The importance of an EV charge solution

Moreover, Pegler pointed out that EV’s are the future. Flexible, advanced, and available EV charging is the most important step to making it a reality. With their new updated software, FlexGen is in a perfect position to meet the Biden Administration’s plan to provide onsite charging along with the national highway system.

The White House plans to build a convenient, reliable public charging network that can shape people’s confidence. It has to focus on filling gaps in rural, disadvantaged, and far away locations.

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About FlexGen

FlexGen is a leading energy storage solution and software technology provider based in Durham, North Carolina. The company delivers to global industries storage projects combined with traditional and renewable power generation. It designs and joins these solutions. It also provides the software platform that is enabling today’s energy transition.

The company was founded in 2009 focused on bringing crucial energy storage systems to the military. In 2014 they decided to bring that same technology to the market and took it into the oil and gas space.

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