Pacific Canbriam awarded with ESG Certification


Pacific Canbriam Energy Limited has become Canada’s second natural gas producer to achieve an EO100™ Standard Certification from Equitable Origin, the company announced today in a media release.

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Worth noting, Equitable Origin is a standard-setting organization that certifies energy production based on third-party verification. Accordingly, it evaluates energy producers to demonstrate their commitment to the highest environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

About the EO100™ Standard Certification to Pacific Canbriam

This distinguished certification, therefore, helps recognize Pacific Canbriam’s expertise in using innovative and transparent practices. Besides, it shows the company’s ability to produce some of the world’s most sustainable and responsible natural gas.

In this sense, Paul Myers, President of Pacific Canbriam Energy Limited, commented in a media release; “Achieving EO100™ Standard Certification is a milestone accomplishment for Pacific Canbriam and sets the bar for regular measurement, benchmarking and continuous improvement. We could not have accomplished certification without the commitment, teamwork, and collaboration of every Pacific Canbriam employee.”

Additionally, Mr. Myers said that “the certification also marks the beginning of a new, more transparent era of natural gas development in Canada.”

He also noted that Pacific Canbriam will continue to follow the highest standards of ESG responsibility. Particularly, it will continue leading to more sustainable energy development and continued reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions.

Similarly, Soledad Mills, Chief Executive Officer of Equitable Origin, said; “Pacific Canbriam is helping to lead the way in their industry by not only meeting the stringent requirements of the EO100™ Standard; but also going above and beyond in many areas including human rights, inclusive engagement, good faith consultation, and land rights.”

About Equitable Origin

Equitable Origin is a non-profit organization that developed the world’s first stakeholder-based standards system; accordingly, these loo for the responsible development of energy and natural resources.

In fact, this EO100™ Standard Certification for Pacific Canbriam comes after it demonstrated excellence and met performance targets in five areas; for instance, corporate governance and ethics; social impacts, human rights, and community engagement; Indigenous Peoples’ rights; occupational health & safety and fair labor standards; and environmental impacts, biodiversity, and climate change.

Accordingly, the assessment team conducted a comprehensive and independent assurance process. Thus, it inspected operations and conducted interviews with workers and contractors. Additionally, it met with local Indigenous leaders to verify Pacific Canbriam’s performance.

The ESG award is based on rigorous assessments that proved the company met the requirements for certification. Therefore, these include Performance Targets of the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development (2017); and also the EO100™ Standard Addendum for Shale Oil and Gas Operations (2015).

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