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Entergy to build a natgas and hydrogen power plant in Texas


Entergy Corporation, a U.S. electric company, said this week it has plans to build a power plant in Texas; the plant would produce electricity from burning a mix of natural gas and hydrogen. The project intends to breach the gap between fossil fuels and greener sources of energy.

Firstly, the plant will have a capacity of 1,215 megawatts with a dual fuel burning capacity, as said above. It will locate near Bridge City, Texas and will be capable of powering more than 230,000 homes.

Secondly, the plans for the project come as part of the company’s target to reduce emissions from electricity generation across Southeast Texas; and to modernize its power generation fleet in the region.

Thirdly, the project has the name of Orange County Advanced Power Station. According to estimations from the company, the project will create sever benefits for the community; for instance, it will provide more than 7,000 direct jobs in Texas; and also, nearly $1.8 billion in economic activity for the regional economy.

Moreover, once operational, the plant will provide approximately 27 permanent direct jobs in Texas. About the relevance of the project, Entergy Texas CEO, Sallie Rainer, said. “The Orange County Advanced Power Station is a Texas project for Texas customers.”

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Entergy expects to have the plant up and running by 2026

The executive also said. “The addition of this facility will continue our work to provide reliable; also, low-cost and clean energy in Southeast Texas; and will provide more than $1.5 billion in net benefits to customers by reducing reliance on energy markets.”

In addition, the fuel that the plant will burn for its operations, could be stored nearby in facilities; such as in Entergy Texas’s Spindletop storage facility. Consequently, the natural gas and the hydrogen feedstock for the plant will produce very low emissions, even in periods of intermittency when renewable resources do not generate power.

Furthermore, Rainer added. “Our region is home to hydrogen producers, pipelines; storage and also industrial users. We look forward to working with industry partners on the role the Orange County Advanced Power Station will play; specially in providing reliable power, while also meeting the sustainability needs of our customers and communities; and also, to establish Southeast Texas as a global hub for hydrogen production and consumption.”

Finally, Entergy Texas will file request for approval to construct the Orange County Advanced Power Station; with the Public Utility Commission of Texas. If the Public Utility Commission approves Entergy Texas’s application; construction will begin in the second quarter of 2023. Entergy Texas expects the plant to be in service by summer 2026.

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