ICF awarded with $34M contract for climate change research, by NASA

ICF climate change NASA

ICF, world leader in climate, energy and environment consultancies, was awarded a $34 million contract to provide technical and administrative support to the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).

Firstly, the contract was awarded to ICF by NASA, and it is valued at $34 million, as said above; it includes an $8 million indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity component. And also, a term of five years, including a one-year base and four one-year option periods.

Secondly, after the contract, ICF will support the program in delivering coordinated research; assessments, education and communications across the program’s 13 participating departments and agencies.

Thirdly, as the USGCRP not only addresses climate change, but other global-scale issues including changes in land productivity; also, water resources, atmospheric chemistry, energy efficiency and ecological systems; ICF will provide knowledge in all those areas.

Moreover, the work by ICF will also include the development and release of the Fifth National Climate Assessment; which is the gold standard footprint for describing the science of climate change; and its impacts across the U.S. and the world.

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ICF climate change

ICF includes digital strategies and data analytics to better understand climate change

Indeed, ICF is a global consulting and digital services provider, with deep knowledge in climate, energy and environment. In fact, it has worked with international business; also, governments and nonprofit organizations for over 40 years; in the design of policies, programs and practical pathways that drive low-carbon transitions.

Furthermore, ICF’s goal is to build resilience against the effects of climate change across industries, including the energy industry, whit deep insights, analytics, data and digital strategies; indeed, ICF leads the way in developing proactive strategies to address risks posed by climate change.

On the other hand, Anne Choate, ICF senior VP and energy, environment and infrastructure lead, said. “As the impacts of climate and other environmental changes increasingly affect people, organizations and ecosystems, USGCRP’s work is more important than ever.”

Finally, she also remarked. “Science-based decision-making; also, informed by the work of USGCRP agencies, is essential in mitigating and adapting to climate change. We are proud to continue to play a key role in advancing understanding and action around this critical issue.”

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