Enel Green Power to ramp up production in Sicily for increased market in the U.S.

Enel Green Power

A manufacturing facility of Italian company Enel Green Power is ramping up production of its solar technology; such increase would benefit the market of the U.S., as the heterojunction solar modules are shipped to North America through the company’s subsidiary in the continent, reported the magazine PV Tech.

Firstly, the manufacturing facility is located in Sicily, Italy; it’s the 3SUN bifacial heterojunction module production site of the company. The ramp up in production will happen in the next two years, from current 200 megawatts per year, to 3 gigawatts annually.

Secondly, Enel Green Power told the magazine the ramp up in production is aimed at selling future products from the plant, to both the distributed generation market, and the utility scale solar market.

Thirdly, according to the report, all of the current output of the plant is shipped for the use of the U.S. market; however, the ramp up in production would both benefit the U.S., and the rest of the world; as the company intends to make its plant competitive in a global scale.

Moreover, Salvatore Bernabei, CEO of Enel Green Power, confirmed that during a session of the SolarPower Summit event. He said that reaching the 3GW milestone would position the plant in a competitive state in terms of costs, as well as in terms of efficiency.

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Enel Green Power aiming at global competence

In addition, Enel Green Power said last year that the 3SUN plant had reached a solar cell efficiency of 24.63%; after the company partnered with the French National Solar Energy Institute.

Furthermore, according to PV Tech, the efficiency increased 0.7%; “thanks to enhanced processes of layer deposition; and screen metallization based on heterojunction processes developed internally.”

Consequently, after hitting such milestone, the company intends to bring production up; and push the green energy market; both on the distributed (rooftops) and also, the utility (public services) sides in the U.S. and around the world.

Finally, during the SolarPower summit event; officials discussed that solar companies in Europe may need to invest around $8,51 billion dollars to be competitive around the world.

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